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Coach Michelle Kraft
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Michelle Kraft

Sarasota, Florida, United States
Helping you think better to live better, relationally, professionally, financially, and physically.
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About me

As a mother of five daughters, I am supremely aware of the differences of all people. One thing that is true of all of us, however, is that we each innately possess everything necessary to reach our full potential. As a coach, I guide my clients through the process of identifying limitations to that potential.
Sometimes the best path is to focus on our strengths, rather than our weaknesses. My StrengthsFinder Top Five are: Communication, Activator, Individualization, Winning Others Over, and Relator. These strengths help me to connect with the uniqueness of my clients and inspire them to take action to achieve the results they truly want.
Every outcome in our lives is a result of actions we have taken (or not taken); it is our emotions that drive our actions (or inaction);and it is our thoughts which create our emotions. Once we fully understand this process, we can remove limiting thoughts, replace them with more truthful ones, and quite literally, build the life we desire.
It is my greatest privilege to coach my clients through challenging situations, decisions, or change...whether it is in their business or career, in their marriage or parenting relationships, or through life's transitions.    more...

Coaching with me

Life is a series of transitions. Think about it, we transition from diapers to underwear, from crib to toddler bed, from high school to college, and on it goes.
All along the way we experience emotion around those transitions. We are told WHAT to feel ("You should be thankful that..." "You should be ashamed of yourself!") and HOW to act ("You need to apologize!" "Be polite."). What we are not taught is HOW to to do the business of feeling emotion...or WHAT drives our guessed it, it's those darn feelings!
My goal as your coach is to help you fully understand the connection between your thoughts and your emotions, and how those emotions drive your actions, and ultimately create the results of your life experience. Once that is understood, we can tackle the business of HOW to feel. Being able to feel ANY emotion without resistance is life changing! Just think about what would be different in your life if you were willing to risk feeling ANY emotion that may come. WOW!
My clients find themselves authentically showing up in the world, tackling goals once thought impossible, and living completely free of the need to "hide". It is the most beautiful process, and my honor to facilitate!!
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I am a red-headed (if not by genetics), laughter-loving, deeply-caring, boldly-speaking, what's-the-point asking, let's-get-to-work kind of lady. I like results. Period.
My clients love the fact that I get them moving toward their goals, and don't allow obstacles. I believe in dealing with root causes, rather than symptoms. I'm kind of like a dog with a bone or an old lady with a tissue...I just can't let go of an obstacle in my clients' lives.
I like to have fun. I am doggedly attached to honesty. I am driven to help people to look forward to getting out of bed every morning. My coaching is fun, honest, and life changing.

Oh...and I cuss a little.


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Private coaching is typically provided via telephone or video conference. Sessions are one hour in length and duration is determined with each client. I usually suggest weekly sessions with an 8-12 week commitment.
Short courses or group coaching
Group coaching is offered for management teams or other organizational groups at a group rate and is provided either in person or via video conference.

Fee description

Fees: from $250 USD to $1500 USD

Fees are determined according to number of sessions, group size (when applicable), and type of coaching.


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