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Michelle Townsend

Personal to Business Coach 
Bicester Oxford, England, United Kingdom
Life Coach helping people with stress and mindset. Working with small business owners

About me

I am mum of twins age 7 months currently. I have 20+ years working with children and adults with Autism and Learning Disabilities in all areas from schools, colleges to day centres and homes.

In 1995 I had a goal to work with people with disabilities and I did for over 20 years. I didn't know I was going to run my own care company as at age 15 years old that wasn't in my sight.

I worked very hard and built up great belief in me. Nothing wrong with self love if you don't love yourself you will find it hard to love others.

Now I help parents, my experience in special needs means I have a great understanding how hard it can be for those parents but sometimes parents without special needs kids find parenthood hard and that because it is hard. However some parents feel that they just a parent and lost their self. I work with those parents who want to find themselves again.

I am passionate about what I do and always have been passionate person as I believe you have to enjoy what you do.   more...

Coaching with me

To make goals real targets and not living in the dreamland and for them to become real is what I would say is the best result as if you dream of being singer but you are not very good then it would be wrong of me or any coach to say or even try.

The goals need to be SMART and we talk about this in our sessions and most people come away very happy with there goals.
All my sessions are fun and most of all you will see different you if you work hard.

I have different ways of coaching people and it depends who I am coaching. If I am coaching parents it normally because they cannot get there child to bed or to eat or behavior is not very good. In most cases I need to spend time with the whole family or if this is not possible then a one to one session will happen.

I try to keep my session very informal and light. You're coming to me to tell me your issues but you also coming to work and I would ask my clients to leave any other issues outside of the session or to ask to talk about it that session.

Some sessions will be outside your comfort zone and this might be challenging but the results will be good.

I have a saying that I want you to get in your head now

'GO FOR IT! yes that the saying I want you to say in your head and I will make you say it in our sessions and maybe some other silly words.


Please feel free to visit my shop to see the details of my offerings.

Parent and Family Coaching - working with parents to figure out their goals, seeing their problems and helping them solve them.
Helping parents who have child (ren) who need more behaviour support in the household.

Date Coach helping those who want to get back in the dating but feel that they may not be ready to go on date this could be because they haven't done it before or for a long time, they feel shy and lack in confidence.

Career Coaching - helping people to find the right career or to helping those in their career to achieve their goals this could be going for a promotion etc
Online Group Coaching Via Skype
Online Workshops Via Facebook Group

Working with people who want parent, dating and career coaching but online rather then face to face.
Short courses or group coaching
Stress Free Coaching Course 30 Day Course
Health and Well-being Course
90 day Game Planner

Ongoing training
Starting up business all you need to know
Time management
Stress management

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Diploma in life coaching
Main career has been working with children and adults with learning disabilities within Oxford. I recently left a secure job to run my own learning disability company and I have not looked back and love every moment of my business.

Due to helping and supporting people with learning disabilities I have been train in communication and I have to change a lot to suit the young person needs and you will see this in my coaching and something I like to teach others.

I have learnt in life no matter what your health is like you can still achieve and maybe your goals might have to change but if it make you happy that what counts. I have met some wonderful young people who got disabilities and health issues they have shown me over the years that you just have to be yourself and that if you can be happy with that then why change. I think this is good way to think however I have change over the years for the better.

I was very shy and by pushing myself outside my comfort zone I have achieve a lot from getting my life coaching diploma to running my own company.

You can is word I use a lot.
   more ...

Fee description

Fees: from £50 GBP to £750 GBP

All sessions need to be paid in advance. Packages on offer the Gold Package is £450 or £750 for VIP Package. Please contact me direct for more details.


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