lifecoach £100 GBP Michelle Townsend Michelle Townsend Coaching parents and families. 21 years working with children and young people with Autism, ADHD
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Michelle Townsend

21 years experience in social care 
Bicester, England, United Kingdom
Coaching parents and families. 21 years working with children and young people with Autism, ADHD
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About me

I am parent and parent coach. I have 21 years experience working with children, young people and adults with Autism, ADHD and other learning disabilities. I started off as a sport coach and went into a career in social care and education. I am now a parent coach who passion is to help parents with family life.

I really enjoy learning about mindset and how we can change our thinking in matter of steps. I have change my life around.

I had a speech impairment and was told that I shouldn't expect to do a job that I really want as it be to hard and that I should do something where I didn't need to speak. I took no notice of my teacher and done what I wanted to do. It was hard work and I had knock backs but I kept on pushing.

I am passionate person, I am good listener and I enjoy what I do.

Coaching with me

Having worked in social and education career for 21 years I am great believer in the following to help people to achieve their goals.

1) Find out the goal - if you have to many goals we look at the one which is most important.

2) We write it down

3) Vision Board

The client will need to write down their log this is good for them and for our coaching sessions.

I will only work with people who really want to achieve their goals if you need help with confidence I can help, in fact I am happy to work with you as long as you want to change for yourself.
I am mindset coach, I believe in making sure we are in good place before session start so we will talk about our mindset first of all.

I am great listener but will ask you questions and even challenge you. I am calm coach so many clients like me because they can just talk to me and I will listen and work with them instead of giving advice.

I am happy to work with people from around the world.


Face to Face in local area of Oxfordshire and some parts of Bucks. 60 minutes If in Oxford and Bicester area it will be free of mileage but outside of that will be min charge of 45p per mile from home and to location and back again.
Done over skype usual lasting 60 min
Short courses or group coaching
Courses will be coming very soon

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Diploma in Life Coaching
I have worked in social care and education for 21 years. I have a lot of people experience and communication is key to be successful in life.

I am mum of twins (currently 1 year old) they were born in 2016 and it took many years to get these lovely babies but they are the best thing ever.

Combining motherhood and worked I have done I have a lot of experience working with different people from all backgrounds.

Setting up my business in care back in 2011 was the best thing I have ever done as it shown me that people I was working for didn't value me. That can lead to stress and health issues so change had to happen. You come to point in your career/life when enough is enough.

Balance of being happy is being content but there is nothing wrong in wanting more in life and to better yourself.

I have always listen to my gut and done what I have wanted to do even when family and friends haven't agreed. It is important to weigh things out and if you really believe in what you doing is right for you at that time just do it.

Fee description

Fees: from £50 GBP to £100 GBP


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