lifecoach $300 USD Miss Whip Lash Miss Whip Lash Its Miss Whip Lash for a reason!! I will motivate and inspire you to be the best you can be!
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Miss Whip Lash

School Of Life 
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Its Miss Whip Lash for a reason!! I will motivate and inspire you to be the best you can be!

About me

Hi i'm known as Miss Whip Lash but you may call me Lash!

You name it I'v been through it! I'm a survivor of Domestic Violence, I suffered years with Eating disorders, I lacked Confidence and self esteem and as for my communication skills well my social anxiety ruled me for many years,

I've battled depression and addiction along with bipolar and Ptsd (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)

I had to do years of work on myself to get through all my struggles but I got there!! Through bloody hard work and determination.

I love nothing more than helping other by building their confidence and self esteem and motivating people to make goals and go out and chase them.

I'm full on and some may say I can be a hard ass with my techniques and life coaching methods...........and yeah OK I'm full on but I get results.

So turn to me for any advise or information you may need.

sign up to my program and watch how your life changes over the months and see how much happier your life is!!

I specialize in Relationships, Parenting, Divorce and addiction to name a few

I am full on so if you don't think you can handle the heat then that's your first mistake!!! you need to stop making excuses!! You need to harden up and stop telling yourself you cant and start telling yourself you can!


One on one private coaching at a quiet public place.
Private one on one online coaching via Skype or Instant Messenger, You will recieve emails, Information and advice and you will be able to contact me during office hours for any added support you may need
Ongoing training
To be discussed and arranged to suit your personal needs

Fee description

Fees: from $39 USD to $300 USD

20 Minute online time $39.00
45 minute online time $69.00

Private consultation $130 Per Hour


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