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Missy Redmon

Psychology, Travel, Consumer expert 
Seymour, United States
Perfectly Designed to have you in mind. Transparent Allocating your Strengths Weaknesses, Training
Business coach Career coach

FEES from $50 USD to $10000 USD for coaching packages. more...

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About me

Overcoming risk factors, education, holding self perseverance. I have two college degrees and have served in the consumer industry for over 18 years. World Travelor, Ive been to 5 different countries and various states all over the US. including; California, Colorado, Nevada, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Flordia, New York.
I pride myself in, growth of highest potential in; organizational leaderships, consumer affairs, employee retention, wellness, teaching mentoring to one's fullest potential and the universal law of attraction. Transparent educator of minds. Knowledge and willingness to provide that extra step can go along way in an industry/organization including the industry organization of our lives.

Coaching with me

One will achieve their best results through best practices, one foot in front of another. The first step is to make the change. My goal is to have you set goals that reflect your highest potential reflecting one's true potential self or buisness practices. Through proper training practices evaluation of personal and professioanl endeavors reaching one's truest potential.
Building leaders for tommorrow through evaulation, consultation, verification of need, improving systems through empowerment , growth and change, critique, knowing the hard truth strait to the point strait forward approach. Proper training practices evaulation of personal and professional endeavors reaching one's truest potential.


Please feel free to visit my shop to see the details of my offerings.

One-on-One coaching including 30 minute sessions to One hour. Different packages available. First 30 minute session is a complementary getting to know you.
In todays busy lifestyle every one has their own means of communication and what that means to each indvidual. As I would tell my students one has to find their own way/study habits and what works for them. This is key to a work life balance.
Short courses or group coaching
Relationship building is a strong retrospect when you have various employees from different abstracts of diversity. Generational thinking, risk factors, accomplishments, everyone wants to feel important and valued. Everything is about customer relationships, diversity and strong hold of the value to an employee and making positive decisions for a better productive tomorrow. Value is a key word. You show value in your customer, your employee, and yourself. One-on-One short courses available as well as group coaching packages.
Ongoing training
As part of my service ongoing training packages are available giving you ample support on your endeavors.
These packages include ongoing training of 3months-6months-9months

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Hospitality Travel/Tourism Event Management
  • Bachelor Arts Psychology
  • Mentor TA Counseling Intern 250+
  • White Belt. Lean
  • Industrial/organizational psychology
  • Cognitive/Neroscience
  • Ethics code of conduct
I have overcame many riskfactors generational, educational, political, and adverse practicing law of attraction.I have two college degrees (Pshycology, Hospitality). I have been blessed to have traveled all over the world in life and professionally. Professional background web design, marketor, Director, retail manager, teacher, trainer,mentor and an event planner. I have over 18 years in the consumer industry. I am a philanthropist, transparent in views to be grounded in integrity in everything I do expecting highest growth potentail.

Fee description

Fees: from $50 USD to $10000 USD

Fees are based on Editing to workshop, travel, resources to hourly fees as on need base of client.


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