lifecoach $45 USD mohammad basahi mohammad basahi My mission is to provide value. I believe everyone has the seed of change. Just cultivate it.
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mohammad basahi

Master Life Coach 
sana'a, Muhafazat San`a', Yemen

My mission is to provide value. I believe everyone has the seed of change. Just cultivate it.

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OFFERINGS: Private coaching

FEES from $38 USD to $45 USD for coaching packages. more...

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About me

I help individuals in different positions to define a lifestyle that makes them live at their best through increased efficiency in generating income & having more time for their personal interests. I have coached adults ranging from life starters to top management members in leading organizations for several years through which my main objective was to support them to gain CLARITY, PURPOSE and EMOTIONAL MASTERY needed to breakthrough any challenges they had.

Coaching with me

Different coaching styles are used where a mix of Democratic Coaching and Holistic Coaching along with other types are utilized to reach with the client to the maximum fruitfulness possible. Throughout our sessions, different tools and questions are used to help my client reach a clear understanding of what he/she exactly wants to achieve. Not only that but also to assist my client to paint a vivid picture of this goal and gain a new perspective of how to bring that picture into reality.
During the session, clarity, self-awareness, behavior, self-image, empowerment are all addressed and discussed in detail to raise the level of performance in each aspect. I believe these are the basics of success and if a person masters them, tremendous effects will take place and huge leap will made that a person could feel and live in his life.
I like to do private coaching where we get to hold our sessions on Skype as one-to-one. The reason why I love private coaching is because I get to have a very good relationship with my client where I can dedicate my time and attentiveness to sense and listen carefully to what my client is saying and not saying. My concept in coaching is that one should work on himself internally before working on external issues and from my experience I realized most of the time that whenever a client resolves the issue internally miracles happen and changes emerge and evolve that the client him/herself was not aware of. That is the beauty of the value I offer and I do have this deep pure intent to support everyone to reach his/her goals regardless of their backgrounds. I also believe that everyone has this inner low voice of change that needs to be listened to; it is my utmost priority to listen to that voice and to empower it to make it dominant.



I am ready and open to support any individual who is eager to make major changes happen in his/her life. I offer 2 hour free coaching session that can be held on Skype. I assure you complete confidentiality and privacy.

Experience, Certifications and Training

Throughout my experience in life and in coaching, people always tell me that I am a deep thinker, I like to think of the root cause of any problem facing me in which I immediately start action. This action differs from a situation to another, sometimes I work on the way I look at, sometimes I work on the way I am doing it, and a lot of times I think whether it is worth solving or else disposing of it. People around me at work sometimes gets pushed to action because my main mission is to serve not to please. That is why I make sure someone understands the issue deeply and then immediately I ask him/her for action to be made towards resolving this matter. From my deep understanding, I can create a sincere and deep connection with my clients' feelings and the way they perceive things. This on its own grants me the power to pull my clients from their current position to their desired one.

Fee description

Fees: from $38 USD to $45 USD

I offer coaching as packages of 2 and 3 months program where one month will consist of 3 sessions. What is good about my package system is that the more packages you sign up for the more free sessions you get depending on the package chosen.


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