lifecoach $80 USD Monet Goldman Monet Goldman Solution-focused with an emphasis on empathy, understanding, strategy, and renewed focus.
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Monet Goldman

M.S. Counseling 
Mountain View, California, United States
Solution-focused with an emphasis on empathy, understanding, strategy, and renewed focus.

About me

My education is in counseling psychology and therapy but have geared myself towards coaching as a way to assist clients in a way that's faster, results-oriented, and focused around discovering your insights and getting you to take action. Many of us have roadblocks, both self-imposed and externally brought on. Let's work together to get you where you want to be and chop away at those thoughts that bind you down. A wide variety of my expertise and training has been in working with issues in families, couples, individuals, children, teens, with a wide variety of issues. I'm here to help you hit your stride, get back to feeling that "flow", and feel capable of directing your life on your terms. I hope to see you with your wings soaring and your engine roaring away as you chase your goals.

Background: Masters in counseling with an emphasis on marriage and family therapy. To be clear, services provided are not therapy or counseling, rather, it is strictly coaching. I've been trained to help kids, teen, adults, and their families/spouses in issues related to social situations, work & academic settings, and their intimate relationships. I've worked in a wide variety of settings in the Bay Area, servicing individuals and teens overcoming intense adversity and mustering all they have to overcome their struggles.


Our coaching sessions can take place where ever you feel most comfortable to open up about your struggles. A setting where you can feel focused, at-ease, and creative would be ideal for the both of us. This can occur outside, at a coffee shop, on a hiking trail, or in a room.
Online coaching offers a versatile and convenient way of conducting a session, as we can avoid the hassle of traffic, missed appointments, and inconvenience by calling from the comfort of our homes and screens.
Short courses or group coaching
Groups addressing stress management, dating, and relationship issues will be offered throughout the year.

Fee description

Fees: from $65 USD to $80 USD

I offer individual sessions at $80 an hour and then a package deal of 5 sessions for $65 each.


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