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Certified Transformation Coach 
Atlanta, Georgia, United States
I show people how to transform their way of thinking, so they can transform their lives.
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OFFERINGS: Private coaching

FEES from $175 USD to $4995 USD for coaching packages. more...

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About me

I am the a Certified Professional Life Coach, that specializes in Transformation Coaching.

My goal is to assist as many people as I possibly can in realizing, embracing and utilizing their full potential on a consistent basis for greater happiness and successful life.

I look forward to working with you soon.

Coaching with me

I help my clients overcome challenges, fears, barriers, and obstacles.

Gain clarity, letting go of clutter, and procrastination.

Putting a plan into place with taking step-by-step action, while holding them accountable to their goals and commitments.

Recognize your strengths, weaknesses, purpose, self worth, sense of direction, mentoring, self-love, confidence, self-belief, dating, balance, relationships, values.

Parenting, teens, pregnancies, sibling rivalry, mentoring, self esteem, empowering, behavior issues, encouragement, support, motivation, energy level, and inspiration.

Weight loss, weight gain, stress reduction, health & wellness.

Social, communication skills, body language, public speaking, and so much more....
I make my clients feel comfortable and good about themselves. I like to show them that I am a Coach that cares, and get them to believe in themselves (because I do!)

I ask my clients what it is that they need or want from me, in order to help them.

I ask the obvious questions, get the facts, feelings and preferences.

I step back and observe at the whole picture, and discover how their situation or problem came about.

I present, we discuss, several strategies, and find a solution.

I ask my clients to do more than they would usually do by themselves, when the time is right and at their own pace.


Non-Contracted Sessions Available

Discovering Yourself-3 months, Development & Growth Journey-6 months, and Take Charge of Your Life-12 month package (Only 4 slots available). All packages include: One-on-one private telephone coaching, unlimited emails in between coaching calls, journaling, activities, role playing, between sessions homework, mentoring, resources, payment arrangements options, feedback, plus more additional offerings for each unique package.

Rewards & Bonuses Are:
Once a year Pro-Bono for selected individual to receive One Free Full Month of private one-on-one coaching, two 30 minute calls, unlimited emails in between calls, resources, goal tracking, activities, homework, and feedback.

Referrals Leads to Nice Discounts-During your time as a client, if you refer potential clients to me and they invest in any of my coaching packages provided (3,6,12 monthly contracted packages) you will receive $50 off of your packages per referral, but limited up to no more than the total amount of $200 off of the selected package.

Non-Contracted Clients will only receive $15 off that one session from their limited one person referral per session. (This process can be repeated during each paid session).
   more ...

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Certificate-Everyday Mind Mastery
  • Certification- Life Coach
  • Certificate-Change your thinking
  • Certificate- Masterful Living
  • Certification-Online Life Coaching
  • Life Coach Training
  • Increase Energy for Your Life
  • Skool of Creativity
  • About Life Coaching
Providing constructive wisdom, Professional Networking Leadership, Organizational,Patience Self-Awareness, Self-Confidence, Self-Management, Resilience, Support Motivate, Persistence, Forgive & Forget, Perseverance, Perceptiveness, Growth, Life Coach Training & Coaching.

Always believe in yourself, and your ability to accomplish anything. Staying determined, focus, dedicated and motivated is the key to my success.

Fee description

Fees: from $175 USD to $4995 USD

Non Contract Clients-
$175- 30 minutes per session
One-on-One private telephone coaching call, resources and feedback.

$250- 45 minutes per session
One-on-one private telephone coaching call, resources, two follow up emails during that week sessions, mentoring, and feedback.

Call for all monthly Coaching Packages & Pricing (Varies) Call to see if space is available.


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