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Nakia Henderson

Life Management; CPEC., MHA/H.Ed 
Collingdale, Pennsylvania, United States
Nakia Henderson, Life Coach, founder of Henderson Career and Life Management Solutions

About me

Nakia Henderson, certified Life Coach and founder of Henderson Career and Life Management Solutions, LLC, has a personal tragedy-to-triumph story which reinforces that one's inner strength can be called upon to start living life in the present and fully. Nakia is constantly striving to live her best life and now it's your turn to start doing the same!

Coaching with me

My mission is in helping clients improve their overall satisfaction with work life balance by identifying the chatter, noise and distractions that stifles their progress in reaching personal and professional goals.

I am called to serve people who seek to live purposeful and passionate lives with joy, resilience, balance, and peace just as she does every day. I will help you clarify your goals and dreams, and begin to breakthrough barriers that hold you back from living the life you desire.
I like to coach each client through an authentic process analyzing the many opportunities for improvement and growth. I am a natural motivator and inspiration as I believe that everyone can be great.


Please feel free to visit my shop to see the details of my offerings.

I recommend a 3-month commitment to bi-weekly sessions (total of 6
sessions). A 3-month commitment ensures that you understand that it is hard work to change habits of thinking and acting, and that you are committed to making a concentrated effort and understand that it takes time.

Each session is 1 hour long and takes place by phone.

I will bring myself to those coaching sessions free from distractions and respectfully request that you do the same. A coaching session in a public venue with distractions and background noise is not efficient.

We agree that we will each show up at the mutually scheduled time for our coaching session and if you have to reschedule you will do so with a minimum of 48 hours notice. I certainly understand that emergencies do arise and will accommodate those on a case-by-case basis.

Should you “no-show” for two appointments during our coaching relationship (without notification or rescheduling) we will evaluate whether or not coaching is appropriate for you right now.

If you’ve purchased a package and find yourself unable to use your sessions for any reason, you may put the remaining sessions on a 3-month hold. Session credits will not be carried out further than 3-months. Coaching fees are nonrefundable should you decide to “quit” the process, as our complimentary session is designed to remove the possibility that we would not be a good fit for each other.
Unlimited e-mail support is available between regularly scheduled phone sessions.
I offer several packages to suit your needs ranging from:

One month starter package
Three month laser focus intensive
Six month intense life changer
Typical sessions are between 30 - 60 minutes

I specialize in uncovering limiting beliefs, spirituality, meditation, mindfulness, breaking through limitations and empowering you to find your own answers.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Health Administration - Health Education
  • Rehabilitation Services - Counseling Education
  • Certified Professional and Executive Life Coach - CAPP institute
  • Coach Training Intensive - CAPP institute
Nakia Henderson is a certified life coach and the founder of Henderson Career and Life Management Solutions, LLC. She is uniquely equipped to help people reduce their emotional and mental stress; increase their energy, vitality and contentment; and uncover their unique core values in order to live a life with meaning, direction and purpose. She is called to serve people who seek to live purposeful and passionate lives with joy, resilience and balance.

Nakia has been a leading force for change since the beginning of her professional career. Nakia provided leadership and oversight in many roles in the field of healthcare including, private and non profit institutions. Nakia has been committed to the field of healthcare for the past 15 years and is a dedicated health advocate for populations of all ages and economic backgrounds. She believes in meeting each person or project exactly where it is and transforming it from the “inside-out” to help make them greater.

Fee description

Fees: from $100 USD to $2000 USD

$240 per month - 3 (1 hour) coaching calls - Best Value
$230 per month - 3 (45-minute) coaching calls
$260 per month - 2 (1-hour) coaching calls
$195 per month - 2 (45-minute) coaching calls
$130 Hourly Rate - no monthly commitment
$ 90 per month - Email coaching if you prefer the convenience


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