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Nakiya Tate

BS, MS, Certified Life Coach  
Dover, Delaware, United States
Life coach Confidence coach
Motivational coach Happiness coach
Empowerment coach I help individuals gain self-confidence and self-awareness to thrive in life so that you can love yourself and create the life you desire and deserve.

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About me

Hi, there I'm Nakiya. I'm very personable. I am known to be goofy and pleasant. I am passionate about helping others. despite me being derailed on my personal journey, I still found the courage and a way to find myself through life experiences. I have learned from my mistakes, trials, and tribulations which have equipped me to deliver a teachable, passionate and authentic learning foundation to others. I am dedicated and hard-working. I tend to over-deliver on may things in life but through every connection and interaction, I've learned the value in relationships as I grew. I enjoy helping women master their journey to success so that they create the life they love. I am on a mission to help women see their lives through a different lens. I am so uniquely and wonderfully made. growing up I was always the outcast, however; I never fit in because I always stood out in my own way. I enjoy spending time with my family every moment in time that I get. I love going on vacation and riding horses when I go on vacation. I love writing poetry and am working on a poetry CD for the first time ever! Although I wrote a poetry book I want to expand my talent and go further! I am me and I love me some me. Even though it took a long time to get to that point, I can say that NOW I help other women overcome and thrive in life. I enjoy the interactions and connections. I am looking forward to meeting new people and working with those who need my services! I'm here for you and am super excited to tell you more so you can get to know me in more detail and get to know what I do because I'm just that excited to find out more about you. 

Coaching with me


Outcomes: Mastering Your 4 Es of Life by Conquering Your Confidence
Each week you ‘the client’ will take the time to evolve into who you are becoming. You will start your blueprint and by the end of your 6 weeks working with me, you should start to see a shift in your NEW ROADMAP! Progress not perfection: Commit to being true to yourself and everything will fall in place. One Small Win at a Time!

Phase 1-4: Mastering the 4 Es

You need a turbo boost in your life and things have shifted gears. You want to get down to the nitty-gritty of why you are feeling stuck, unhappy and dissatisfied with life and the direction it’s going. You want a way out, but you have tried to google how to become happier, fulfilled and satisfied in life. You have taken courses and have worked with other coaches or gotten advice from someone you may know and continue to feel hopeless and helpless.


To drive success, you must be confident in who you are becoming. You must know that you are more than enough and know that you are worth more than you think. By kicking the doubt, fear, and worries to the sideline will help you free up some unnecessary space to evolve and conquer your confidence with no problem.  You want to walk with your head held high and own who you are becoming so that you can love yourself and the life you’re creating with confidence.


I like to coach through a holistic approach. We will have deep dive ins on Facebook LIVE, Via Zoom, and Uber Conference. We will focus solely on your needs and applying different strategies to your current situations. I love when our clients are interactive and are willing to Commit, Connect, Consider, gain Confidence and Courage, and Complete what they state. 


We will identify what your struggle you are facing today and create an action plan because I like to set SMART goals so that you can dive deeper into who you are becoming and SMART goals allow you to F.O.C.U.S. on exactly what you need to do and specifically pinpoint. 


Creating goals around your passions, desires and wants gives you an open mind and allows you to get clear on what you want in life. 


Please feel free to visit my shop to see the details of my offerings.


-If you decided to participate in the 1:1 coaching sessions, they will be held bi-weekly for 3 consecutive months. The week after our group coaching calls and video sessions.  

1:1 coaching calls within the program 

You will meet on Uberconference (APP) and we will do a coaching session for 45-60 minutes.


the group coaching program is online. You will have access to your online dashboard through the life coach hub.


You will download Zoom, Uber Conference and Voxer- ALL FREE APPS

You will participate in group sessions with 7-15 women in a group coaching program. 

  1. Each program is different for each participant. 

  2. You will have your own personalized blueprint 

  3. Your goals are different from hers. 

Group Sessions will be held during the evening: The time will be selected and the commitment for you to show up is very imperative to your end goal and results that you are looking for. If you want results you must show up and do the work. Show up and participate. I value your time and my time and one call or video call every 3 weeks can be done if you focus and put in the time. 

Short courses or group coaching

We will also do LIVE Group sessions on FACEBOOK- IN the private group! Where I will come on live and we will do a coaching session in the group together. We will also have it on replay for those who miss the LIVE, but we want to make sure everyone is showing up to do that work so that they can get the outcome they are looking for. 

Ongoing training

We will provide you with training and ongoing resources that will help you get through situations. Any requested content we will be sure to deliver it or create it at your request. 

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Certified Life Coach Certification- New Skills Academy
  • MS. Administration of Human Services, Wilmington University
  • BS. Behavioral Science, Wilmington University
  • Leadership Development Certification
  • Life Coaching- professional development
  • How to build a life coaching business
  • Coaching Mentoring Program

A former case manager, curriculum coordinator, lead preschool teacher, and business resource consulting, I am able to build authentic relationships and interact with people very well. I found a way to make my life a little easy while at a breaking point in my life. I was truly up happy with life. Trying to figure out my next step. Trying to find a better job and gaining the confidence to stand up for me and move forward in life. I was so frustrated and overwhelmed with my own negative thoughts I was unable to see the clear vision at the time. Until I felt the need to just break. Not realizing I was ready to give up at the moment and did not care if I lose my life in the process. I found it so hard to move forward because I knew I wanted more, but it just felt like I was living a worthless life. I created this process and made it EASY and  Compelling to me to grow personally and professionally.  It took me to understand my journey in order for me to be able to deliver what other women need in their lives. It took me to change my mindset, write to fear and explain how unwelcome he is in my life. Thre are so many things I can share with the world. 

Fee description

Fees: from $277 USD to $3333 USD



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