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Nawneet Joshi

Communication and Life Coach 
New Delhi, Union Territory of Delhi, India
I am a certified coach from neuroleadership group; I am working as a consultant in a service company and have 14 years of experience. My profile makes

About me

Working in the professional life has made me aware of the importance of Communication, Work life balance, Time Management, Stress Management and several other related aspects. And after a lot of study and self-study I realized Coaching is one of the profession which helps me and my coachee to tackle many of the above mentioned challenges in a much better and efficient way. And with each session this efficiency grows and makes our life better and better day by day.

Coaching with me

In our coaching session firs and most important thing is to come out with a SMART Goal. Once the Goal is defined, I focus on invoking the thoughts that a Coachee has deep in his mind which will take him/her near to the Goal. And doing it in a structured manner with all external support required, we together achieve the intended Outcome.
I have been trained for a brain based coaching. It is based on how a human brain works and makes use of techniques that invoke the thoughts which are with-in the subconscious of a coachee. My Coaching engagement gives a lifelong availability of my help; apart from that there are 12 Sessions (90 mins each) preferably continuously one every Week to complete the Coaching assignment in approximately 3 months. First session I generally take face to face; which is an introductory session. It covers introduction to coaching, some techniques we follow and a Goal Setting exercise. If the coachee is happy to go ahead and accept me as a coach, we sign an agreement and rest 11 sessions can be either face to face or on call, as per coachee's preference. However for international coaching assignments we make use of Skype for the first and rest of the sessions.


12 Sessions each of around 90 minutes, spanning in 3 to 4 months. First session includes Introduction, Goal setting for the coaching engagement and also explains approach for the rest of 11 sessions. Once a coachee is satisfied and is finding it useful/working then only he/she has to go for the coaching agreement.
Sessions on Skype or Gmail are common modes, for now. A dedicated site is in plan.
Short courses or group coaching
For a team with-in a company, or a group of people working towards a same Goal, sessions for 90 to 120 minutes or a full day Workshop.
Ongoing training
Half day basic training on Coaching, and Goal Setting Session.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Brain-based Coaching Certificate
  • Six Sigma - Green Belt
  • Frameworx
  • Half Day Session on Basics of Coaching
  • Hafl Day Session on Goal Setting Process
I am working as a Consultant for a large service company having more than 140000 employees worldwide. My total experience is 14 years, and my job profile requires me to provide consulting at various levels, and also includes training and mentorship assignments. Apart from that it also requires me to Coach teams or individual team members on various work or personal matters.
I also have to travel a lot and have to communicate with people from different cultures, countries and at different levels.
Being exposed to very competitive and diversified environment, I realized that Communication is one of the most critical skill which has an impact in any area of life, whether is professional or personal life.
Time Management is another generic skill that makes a lot of difference in our day to day life.
Stress Management and Work life Balance are the other areas where we need some external help to make us more efficient in handling them.

Fee description

Fees: from $100 USD


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