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Coach Nicole Holland
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Nicole Holland

Certified Life/Health Coach 
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States
I love what I do and empower women to find their best self - Ignite Your Inner Self!

About me

Hello beautiful, my name is Nicole and am a Certified Life Coach.  I have been a life coach for many years while working full time in a career that I have continued to be promoted, and have been a divorced, single mother for the past 10 years.  I love what I do.  I love empowering and healing women who struggle with their past and their present, teaching how to focus on one self and finding confidence, self worth and self love.  I have a very diverse background in helping people set boundaries, transition careers, growth, parenting, relationships, law of attraction, and so much more.  

Little about me: I have 2 teenage sons who are my world, that have helped me grow to the person I am today.  I was in a very abusive, mentally and physical, marriage and stayed with him for 12 years.  Finally got away from him, left with 2 young boys, trying to balance career, parenting and my mental stability.  It took a few years to even feel anything as I felt that I deserved all of it and continued a repeating cycle.  I have always been able to guide others to a happy, successful iife, but when it came down to me...i was my own worst enemy.  I took time to heal and with coaching and therapy, i found that I wasn't the one at fault and started self care (very important).  I had to learn how to love my self, establish a work/life balance, set boundaries, and basically find a way to re-establish who i was.  I can confidently say that I am a very, happy, positive person who loves helping people.  I will be there every step of the way to hold you accountable as we embark on your journey to find your best self.  I am genuine and care more then most, as I will be your biggest suppoter and cheerleader.

Coaching with me


Where we will get you:


You are feeling helpless, worthless and drowning in hurt and pain while lacking the self love and confidence to make decisions about your future relationships - we will focus on reframing your thoughts and feelings to feeling confident and abundant.

Releasing the past hurt
You sit pondering and holding onto your past whether it's from your childhood, past relationships, past love, and just unsure how to let go and move forward from feeling stuck, as it is hindering you from moving forward. -  we will focus on how to let go, feel fulfilled by you and only you.

Identity/self acceptance 
As you look at yourself, you’re asking “do I deserve to be happy, loved, liked. I just don’t see my strengths but only my weaknesses? I don’t accept that I deserve to be loved and admired.” -  we will focus on kindness to yourself, your wants and needs and  you will know who YOU are and accept who you are and where you came from.

Overcoming Anxiety
 You are feeling anxious, tired, having trouble concentrating, irritable, nervous, worried, panicked, stressed, while anticipating the worst outcome - we will focus on what makes you feel this while and work on getting past the circumstances to give you peace and feel whole.

Self care
You don't feel like you have enough time to take care of yourself, you put others before yourself.  Do you feel like you don’t have time to maintain your friendships, your health even asking someone for help is a struggle. - we will focus on loving yourself, taking care of the one and only YOU!  You deserve it after all.

Inner strength/Self Esteem - Insecurities  
You are  feeling  insecure about the way you look, feeling unloved, undesirable.  You seem to struggle  with the idea of not being enough in your relationships, you compare yourself to others and don’t  feel good enough. - we will build on your inner strength, have you feeling desireable and magnitizing and be the beautiful woman that you are. 

Are these pain points of yours?

Do you feel loss of confidence?

Do you have trouble letting go?

Are you feeling defeated?

Are you constantly with Negative thoughts?

Don't have any boundaries?

Repeatedly ‘choosing the wrong partner’?

ARe you saying yes to people/situations that are dangerous/make you feel ‘less than’/you know won’t serve you?

Do you feel you are Needy and/or Clingy?

Are you jumping from relationship to relationship?

Are you afraid of being alone? You rather have any partner than no partner (and you still feel alone)?

Having trouble with self esteem? Financial complication - 1 income household/reliant on someone else dictating how they spend their money?

You don’t feel worthy/no self love/feel like there isn’t anywhere else to go/feeling insecure?

Are you feeling stuck/shame/guilt?

Fear that these patterns will never stop/kids will repeat these patterns as well?

Loss of friendships and family relationships?

Whether you feel these in your relationships, work, life, I can help you grow on your thoughts to shift your beliefs.  Know you are deserving, worthy, loved and enough.  You are not alone in this journey...I am with you, beside you and support you.  I have felt all of these in my life...and the great news is I have overcome all of them...and lead a very happy, peaceful life knowing that no matter what is thrown my way, i can handle with ease and effortless.  You will learn to accept and move forward in a positive way to help you to live the life you dream of.





I ask lots of questions to get a better understanding, use tools to help you, hold you accountable with what we have discussed, celebrate your turning points and successes.  Small steps make BIG Changes!  I would love the opportunity to know you and work with you!  This is a confidential and safe space.


Please feel free to visit my shop to see the details of my offerings. You can also book a free coaching call with me.


I offer 1 on 1 virtual/phone sessions with a few different programs to choose from.

  • 90 day self transformational program offering you 1 hour x 12 sessions with me.  This includes a free discovery call to see if we are a fit, 15 free minutes of text or phone call additional weekly, exercises, journaling (Most Popular)

  • 4 weeks - 1 hour x 4 sessions to be completed within 2 months, includes a discovery call to see if we are a fit, 10 minutes of text or phone call additional weekly, exercises, journaling

  • Individual session - 1 hour x 1 session, includes a 25 minute discovery call to see if we are a fit


Based on our Private Sessions, I have available to do face to face online with Zoom, Google Duo, Facetime

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Paralegal with Specialized Business
  • Life Certification
  • Health Certification
  • HCI Accredited School

I have been a Life Coach for several years and made it a business with the compassion i hold.  I have several years experiencing the way you feel and believe that we can all make the change if we want to live a happier life.  I am always committed to improving my life as well as yours.   I have been abused mentally, physically, have lost hope, lost my identity, lost my self worth, lost my stability as a single mom, raising 2 boys on my own, repeat patterns that i continued to put myself in to not realizing it was me.  I now live a very successful life with my 2 teenage boys, a great man beside me, having a career helping people that was once just a dream of mine and a fear, to fulfilling my dreams and helping others fulfill theirs.  There is no time like the present to commit to yourself and move forward.  Let's connect!

Fee description

Fees: from $85 USD to $2400 USD

Based on the depth of your sessions, there is a range.  This is something we can discuss along with payment arrangements.  There are discounts available.


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