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I help my clients become their best by using a technique I call Quantum Imprinting. Many times we try to change and we set out determined to make something happen. This goal can be in the area of money, relationships, health or whatever. The thing is we try everything and fail. We feel like it is impossible to change our life and our destiny. With quantum Imprinting and Transformative coaching I am able to help clients achieve major shifts by changing things at the cellular level. Without going to deep, the technique brings you into a theta level state and we go back and change memories by using our imagination. At the subconscious and quantum levels the mind believes what we imagine. We feel good about our past, present and future, helping to erase anxiety and fear that limited our growth and helps us attract opportunities and outcomes that we could not change for years no matter what kind of therapy and books we read. When an actor plays a role and memorizes the role, he or she becomes that role. We are so attached to the people we think we are that our bodies,, minds and cells believe it. Our minds are just following the commands and the universe is acting on the data received.

Then we get down to business and really stratigize and commit to the goals set forth so we can feel small victories on the way and build the confidence we need to succeed in all and any area of life!
I like the two hour sessions because it gives us time to really do the work. I offer 1 hour sessions as well. I start by getting to know you and what your perceived limitations are. I ask what are a few top things you want to work on. I then do a quantum imprinting hypno-bliss session which takes about 20 minutes. It can go longer but that is only if you are really coming up with some great ideas in the session or major growth is happening. I intuitively know how to guide this and you are conscious and aware the whole time.

We then move into the coaching part of the session where by questions I help you find out what limitations have been blocking you. We imagine the outcome with the end in mind then by more leading questions I help you see blind spots and move toward some strategies. You come up with a few goals for the week and you stay committed and connected to me as an accountability partner for your growth. I teach you to do this yourself in 6 weeks so your not depending on me or anyone for personal growth. You will have to tools and process in place to keep your life on a positive, life changing track!

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Author of two books - see website
  • All certification courses completed in Life Coaching from New Life Coaching Academy
  • All certification courses completed in Hypnosis from FREOMM
  • BA in Psychology from Chapman University
  • Past Washington State Counseling Certificate
  • Key Note Speaker
  • Intern and facilitator for the Student Assistance Program at Desert Unified School District
  • Continued training through research and development of over 20 years
  • Continued counselor training through Snohomish County while an Employment Specialist
  • CADAC Courses completed in California for Drug and Alcohol Cert
Welcome to Bliss Travelers International! My Name is Nicole Orozco. My work started in 1998 after having my fourth child when I set out on a Journey to Wholeness! I set out to learn about the mind-body connection. After getting multiple degrees, certifcations and practice through various workshops and dynamic application, I moved into action! (BA PSY, Certified Hypnotherapy, Certified Life Coach, Member of FREOMM, Keynote Speaker/Author, Counseler at Villiage Counseling, Program Director for the Mentally Ill, Employment Specialist, Teacher and facilitator for Student Assistance Program for Desert Sands Unified School District, etc...) Yes I have experience, I did it all! I studied it all! I even wrote two books which are on Amazon and in my spare time I researched various healing and success modalities.
I knew there were barriers to most peoples desires that needed to be erased and replaced deep in the subconcious. My goal was to find a way to change cellular memories and rebirth ones self into optimal levels. With the jump in technology, I developed a way to do just that! My coaching is practical and powerful! Through a method I call Quantum Imprinting, I help you change your cellular memories to alliviate fear, anxiety, procrastination and pycho-somatic patterns. I then help you develop a plan to accomplish the goals and dreams that seemed so out of reach. I HELP YOU LEARN HOW to follow your bliss and enjoy your life and help you on your journey to wholeness.
Below are pictures of me. , my husband Chuck, Our children, grandbabies, godchild, cat, books I wrote and guitar! It wasn't easy raising 4 kids as a single mom but I do know about overcoming obsticles and finding bliss! SCROLL DOWN FOR A FREE GUIDED QUANTUM IMPRINTING GUIDED MEDITATION, PRICING, WHAT TRANSFORMATIONAL COACHING IS AND MORE! Much Love, Nicole


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