lifecoach $300 USD Noruwa Joseph Edokpolo Noruwa Joseph Edokpolo I am a change catalyst, my life passion is to see people maximize their God given potentials.
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Noruwa Joseph Edokpolo

Certified Business Coach and Pastor 
Ikeja, Lagos State, Nigeria
I am a change catalyst, my life passion is to see people maximize their God given potentials.

About me

My name is Noruwa Edokpolo, I am an experienced facilitator, International Labour Organization (ILO) Certified Master Trainer, Certified Business Coach, and Certified Customer service Specialist with over 22 years’ experience in consultancy, customer service, sales and marketing. Highly adept at facilitation, customer relations and strategy formulation and performance management.

I am also a Pastor, Marriage Counselor, Author and Speaker at conferences and retreats.

I like to say that I am in the business of mining, helping to extract value in my work with organizations and individuals.

I enjoy working with people to improve their performance, I do this at different levels;

-with firms to help them improve their systems, processes and build the capacity of their personnel

-With individuals as a life coach and mentor.

Coaching with me

Clarity is one of our top deliverables. It is defined as clearness or lucidity as to perception or understanding; freedom from indistinctness or ambiguity. the state or quality of being clear or transparent to the eye; pellucidity: the clarity of pure water.

Uncertainty, confusion, fear, doubt, lack of confidence etc are some of the main reasons clients come to me and I find that helping them gain clarity about: their situation, their goals, the path way to reaching their goals, understanding their strength and limitations goes a long way in helping them succeed in their life pursuits.

Clear goals, clear pathways, clear milestones are some of our deliverables.
My approach is Solution-focused coaching.

Solution-focused coaching is concerned with what a client wants to achieve in the end. A solution focused coach will question a client about this goal in order to clarify his or her vision. What is it they really want? How are they going to get there? What happens once they do get there? Solution-focused coaching encourages:

> introspection

> self-evaluation

> clear goal setting

> a richer understanding of one's own unique path in life.


Mostly 1-1, clarify goals, agree how best to proceed, deal with limitations on the way and ultimately arrive at destination.
Mostly 1-1, clarify goals, agree how best to proceed, deal with limitations on the way and ultimately arrive at destination.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Certified Fulcrum Business Coach
  • Organizational Development Certified Practitioner
  • Ordained Pastor with over 20 Years Pastoral Experince.
  • Communication skills Training
  • Facilitation Skills Training
  • Strategy Formulation Skills Training
I have over 23 years working experience. My experience spans both multinational and local companies. My areas of strength include, Customer Service, Strategy Formulation, Marketing and Sales, Entrepreneurship and Leadership.

I have been a Pastor for the past 20 years and in that time I have been developed a ministry in the following areas: Family and Relationships ( I have a book called Naked: The mystery of Openness in Marriage) which has sold over 4000 copies. I have also been used in Mentor-ship and Leadership development.

I have in the last 10 years been very active in the Small Business Sector, Training, Mentoring and helping to incubate businesses.

I am happily married with 5 Children.

Fee description

Fees: from $100 USD to $300 USD

First Contact us usually free. Actual cost is dependent on scope of work and duration. Prices are in USD per hour.


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