lifecoach $300 USD Olga Mozhaieva Olga Mozhaieva If you have fears,low self-esteem,uncertainty in life goals,problems with your parnter,lonelyness
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Olga Mozhaieva

Life coach, date coach ,mentor  
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
If you have fears,low self-esteem,uncertainty in life goals,problems with your parnter,lonelyness
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FEES from $50 USD to $300 USD for coaching packages. more...

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About me

Hi,My name is Olya. You know,whatever you want in life ,there is always two ways to archive.Short,but free,you try,do,learn by yourself,make mistakes,but its free,takes time,sometimes lots of time,and may be you get there ,where you want to be . Other way is short,its costs some fubds,but ! it takes someone who knows how to get there,can support,believe in you or motivate,but still to move you have by yourself! I can help you oj your way to success ,but i cant walk instead of you.. If you are ready to start better life and meet New 2022 Year with better version of yourself,i am to your service ) 



I suggest 60 min session,where we can identify your problem and find solution,you dont need spend months,or weeks to change your life,its only one step away.Coaching helps to solve it here and now,not going deep into your past,or dont look too much forward a future, what is important its find balance within yourself now and start to change yor ife for better with small steps.I could help you with that. If you are from Ukraine ,i can help for free.


What do you feel today? Do you remember how it feels to be? Are you familiar with the concept of emotional intelligence? Its is how you recognize and manage your emotions,as you feel them in your body..A sucessfull person is one who is able to unite the mind ,logic and emotions...But as a rule,in life,emotions take over,and then you have to regret what was said,done or not done..And yes,emotional intellect can be learned..Come to a free diagnostic consultation and i will help you understand your feelings ,what exactly you feel and how it affects your day,week,month.. 

Fee description

Fees: from $50 USD to $300 USD

1 session is 1 hour - 35 usd

5 sessions - 150 usd  (once a week during a month) 



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