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Omeisha Capdeville

Real World and Relationship Expert 
Texas, United States
I Live Life... 1. Respecting myself 2. Respecting others 3. With NO regrets 4. No excuses 5. Leading others to do the same

About me

For years I lived my life looking over my shoulder as the “Good Girl”. Thinking living for everything and everybody else would make me HAPPY. Boy was I wrong! But when I realized that I was the only one responsible for my happiness and I couldn’t count on someone else to make me happy, I was able to unleash my true happiness.

I started to evaluate how MY actions and thoughts were contributing to MY circumstances or how I viewed them. Once I took responsibility for my actions or non actions, things started to change. I made decisions based on what felt right for me and I started listening to my GUT. Through this, I’ve learned that our mindset is everything. It was never about the situation, it was about what I was telling myself about the situation.

Today I live with no excuses or regrets for who I am and what lessons I had to learn to become this person.

I am a mother of 3 marvelously awesome kids. And by way, I’m married to the sexiest supportive man alive.

I’m passionately seeking highly motivated people, who are willing and ready to step from behind the excuses and step into a purposeful life. Living with NO REGRETS!

Coaching with me

I partner in creating a guilt free life with positive outlooks, new possibilities and taking actions with no excuses. One day at a time.


This 60 minute session will be focused around what issue is bringing you stress and finding strategies that you can use right away to make a difference in your life.

10 Email Coaching Sessions

This affordable coaching package offers you detailed action plans, feedback, enlightening perspectives, new insights, practical tools and strategies.
Short courses or group coaching
Six – 45 Minute Sessions on a Weekly Basis

Over six weeks, we will focus in on the areas that’s causing you stress in your life. You will learn tools and tips that you can put into practice long after the six weeks are over. Unlimited emails in between calls. Come ready to work up a sweat!
Ongoing training
45 Minute Sessions on a Weekly Basis

In three months we will navigate through what you want to happen in your life and why. By the end of our time together, you will have concrete steps in place and the tools to make great things happen! Unlimited emails in between calls. Reality checks are not hard to cash once you know who accepts them.


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