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Coaching with me

I incorporate diverse elements from other segments of knowledge to assist each client in achieving positive personal results. I utilize goal-oriented plans to assist my clients in a step-by-step approach, so as not to be overwhelmed.
I focus on redirecting and removing negative thoughts, replacing them with positive and attainable thinking processes that benefits the client future success.
My goal is to ignite the inner fire of each unique individual. Creating independent, self-assured thinking so that each can be sound in their future life choices.
My love of sitting with my clients and interacting with them hands-on, is my favorite way of coaching.
However, coaching via webcam invites me into the client's realm. Creating eye contact is important to see the growth of lessons learned and the application of the techniques, strategies, and skills.
Telephone communication has its own distractions. It can be used for some intervention. However, if it is met with resistance, it can make the session unproductive.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Certified Life Coach
  • AAS in Psychology
  • Family Reunification Training
  • Autism Research Training
  • Behavior Management Training
As a young adult, I formed a neighborhood drillteam of 45 young girls. I was invited to work for Sugar Ray Robinson's Youth Foundation, in which I led the afterschool program for children.
5 years later, I coordinated a grassroot organization, Victims Of Child Abuse Laws (V.O.C.A.L) in San Diego County, California, USA, to enact fair laws for familie's right to reunification in a timely manner, as well as psychological assistance to children who were traumatized by abrupt separations. We were granted a Grand Jury review, and some new laws were enacted to benefit the children.
I pursued a degree in law, but decided upon psychology, due to the growing need to assist children, families and educational professionals bridge the widening gap that separated them working together, as a unit, for the betterment of the child.
I was invited to work at the local school district, and unofficially acted as a liason between teachers, problem students, and parents. I later became a long-term substitute teacher, teaching kindergarten, as well as K-12 education.
I became employed as a Case Manager for the local Counseling Center so that I could teach the staff how to work with certain diagnosed individuals, and get positive results. The rewards were great!
I am now in my own Life Coaching Center, and hold mini-camps, throughout the surrounding communities, that focus on upbuilding family dynamics and family structure
My endeavor is to not die with my music in me, and help as many people that I at time.


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