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Pranavesh Shenoy

Head - Learning & Development 
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Astute professional with 1.5 decades years of experience in the field of Coaching and development

About me

An astute professional with 13+ years of expertise in Talent Management and Learning and Development, I have consistently driven business success through impactful initiatives. Adept in NLP, certified as a Life Coach and Behavioral Trainer, and holding a Six Sigma Green Belt, I possess a proven track record of elevating employee productivity and achieving organizational goals.

In my current leadership role, I have strategically led a team of functional trainers, collaborating with business leaders to align training strategies with organizational objectives. Through meticulous budget management and training effectiveness evaluations, I have ensured not only meeting but surpassing expectations. My achievements include spearheading Training Strategy, Content Management, Leadership Development, Succession Planning, and translating Individual Development Plans into Strategic Development Plans.

Proficient in various training modalities, I excel in designing tailored programs that optimize individual and team potential. My commitment to delivering measurable outcomes makes me an ideal fit for the role, where I am eager to drive innovation and excellence in training initiatives, contributing to the organization's sustained success.



Personalized attention: Get one-on-one guidance tailored to your specific goals and needs.
Deep dive: Achieve breakthroughs with focused sessions and in-depth support.
Confidentiality: Enjoy a safe space for open dialogue and exploration.


Convenience and flexibility: Learn and grow from anywhere, on your own schedule.
Accessibility: Connect with me remotely, regardless of location.
Engaging content: Benefit from interactive sessions and multimedia resources.

Short courses or group coaching

Community and support: Build relationships, share experiences, and learn from others.
Motivation and accountability: Stay inspired and on track with group dynamics.
Cost-effective: Enjoy the benefits of coaching at a more accessible price point.

Fee description

Fees: from $3000 USD to $10000 USD

The below mentioned fees sturcture is hourly session.

For Students - Rs. 3000/- (Intrioductory session of 20 mins is free)

For Working Professional (New Hires) - Rs. 3000 - 5000/-

For Mid -Senior Professional - Rs. 5000 - 8000/-

For Leadership & C-suite Coaching - Rs.10000/-


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