lifecoach $3500 USD Rachel S. Heslin Rachel S. Heslin I help people tap into their innate strength to have a powerful impact the world.
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Rachel S. Heslin

Personal optimization expert 
Big Bear City, California, United States
I help people tap into their innate strength to have a powerful impact the world.

About me

Rachel S. Heslin has been fascinated since childhood by how we reconcile the thoughts in our head with the lives that we create. Her warmth and compassion are fueled by a delighted curiosity about ever-expanding possibilities, and she loves to help others identify and deeply connect with their true strength in order to have a powerful impact on the world. Her upcoming book, Nagivating Life: 8 Simple Strategies to Guide Your Way, is scheduled for release within the next few weeks in time for the new year.


Since so many of my clients had dramatic breakthroughs in the first couple of sessions, followed by more incremental changes, I now primarily offer short-term, intensive packages to help you get results NOW.

Designed for those who are so frustrated with the distance between where they are and where they want to be that they want ACTION, these intensive, get-it-done packages dig up your underlying stories that may no longer be serving you, plant more invigorating ways of being and interacting with your life in the newly tilled soil, and set up a scaffolding of triggers and habits to support you as you learn to live your new life.

Fee description

Fees: from $2000 USD to $3500 USD

1/2 VIP day (+/- 3 hours) + hour-long follow up session 2 weeks later + 6 months email support = $1,500.
VIP Day (6 hours including breaks) + 2 hour-long follow up sessions at 2 wks, then 4 wks + 6 mos email support = $2,750.


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