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Randall Klein

Houston, Texas, United States
Fix your relationship with Money. Turn your dreams into reality.
Finance coach Wealth Coach

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About me

Randall has spent a lifetime learning about money and their relationship with money and now he's ready to share its secrets with you. Over a career as a federally-licensed tax specialist, a financial advisor, business owner, and investor, Randall brings not only the discipline of professional money management to the table, but combines that with the insight of psychology and social interaction together to help you achieve your wealthier self. Randall bases his coaching on the philosophy of building upon three spheres of wealth - financial, social, and spiritual - so that you can overcome those obstacles that are holding you back from true success in the world.


The New Money Story. Write your successful future with this course created by a doctor who understands the physical and mental ways we undermine our relationship with money.
Short courses or group coaching
Financial Literacy 101 is a group course covering the basics of investment vehicles and the appropriate use of them. Learn about Stocks, Bonds, the Factors that Affect Successful Investing, the use of Insurance, and more. Note: We do not sell or advise on specific investments of any type.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Enrolled Agent (US Treasury)
  • MBA, Case Western Reserve Univ

Fee description

Fees: from $195 USD to $995 USD


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