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Ranjan Patel

Psy.D., MFT, CPC 
Burlingame, California, United States
I'm passionate and excited to work with people! You want to make changes. I'm here for you :-)

About me

Hi! Please allow me to introduce myself: I’m Ranjan Patel, and as a psychotherapist with a doctorate in psychology, I have a strong background in human behavior, and more than 30 years helping people motivate themselves. By engaging people’s resilience and energy, time and time again, I see people make not just behavior changes, but changes they sustain. No matter the area you want to work in, e.g. career, relationships, self-esteem, spiritual, health, sports performance . . . no matter your specific goal, I’m thrilled to partner with you. I’m honored to be your ally. I’m here to back you to the mat and beyond. We sit down, roll up our sleeves, and have fun. Did I say “fun?” Yes! Your coaching experience will be exhilarating and rich with expansive possibility. We tap into this together. We look ahead and upward. You have a wealth of energy at your fingertips, and I’m excited to help you be your very best you possible. You have dreams, fantasies and wishes for yourself; I’m passionate and absolutely committed to making your goals come true. As you sit here reading this, my job is to help catapult you from your present, and coax you—with your potential--into a fresh, new future reality for yourself.

We chisel your goals, defining them cleanly and sharply. Then we draw clear strategies for you get there. We identify your unique signatures for how you deal with others and take on the world . . we come up with stuff for you to practice during our meetings. This ‘homework’ is not the stuff of school. No. It’s everything you'll love. It’s what will bring you closer to who you want to be and what you want to do. You see yourself getting closer and closer to your goals—it’s dizzying and enthralling in the best way. You see and feel your fantasy fit in your hand. Not content to hold it, you taste and touch, smell it. It fuels you further to new heights and you think through your life in a brand- new way. You envision yourself as the center of action, and breathe more deeply, as you realize the colors of your imagination are brighter. Your spine is straight and shoulders back, you feel adrenalized with energy and feel flush with glow. Soon, I will not be motivating you, because you have inspired yourself and taken over my job! You are your own best champion. You are there for your own self. You rely and lean on yourself. You trust with certainty and soar to your perch. We thread together a kaleidoscope of color for your life.

Every profession has its lingo and jargon. Coaching is no exception. What I’m writing might sound ‘cheesy,’ hyped-up and not authentic. I promise: I am genuine in my desire for you to have a better life and be happier. I look at you in the eyes with my whole Being. I do not shake your hand pro forma; I touch your soul with my heart, probe your pulse with mine. While I uphold absolute ethics, I’m real, down-to-earth, and open. I do NOT know how to be fake. I’m honest and direct, I look at you in the eyes with my whole Being. I relate warmly to you with my whole self, lean in and forward, extend myself to your well-being. Laser sharp, I’m focused on you. Your will and wants become my world. I am ferocious in believing you already have everything it takes for you to be your best you, for you to realize your potential with dignity and grace. Our coaching relationship is a template, model, and training ground for how you want to operate in the world. With me, you can practice everything, and I’ll give you constructive, positive, practical feedback. I will not judge you. You’re the boss, and you call the shots. You make your own choices. You have the power. You own yourself—and I help you rock your life :-)

I do Skype with video, phone, FaceTime, or in person at my office in Burlingame CA. For more information, please visit my website.


I offer coaching sessions via Skype with video, telephone, FaceTime, or in person at my office in Burlingame.
In the coaching process, with your permission, I may use email and/or text to communicate with you, and use these mediums as a tool for the coaching.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • CPC
  • MFT
  • Psy.D.

Fee description

Fees: from $195 USD to $390 USD

Each coaching session is 60 minutes--this is $195. If your needs warrant it, and if we agree that it's best to do a double session, for $390.00, I do two hour meetings.


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