lifecoach $101 USD Ranu Dewan-Agarwal Ranu Dewan-Agarwal Are you struggling because of lost confidence and faded dreams? Do you want to achieve more in life?
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Ranu Dewan-Agarwal

NLP Practitioner (pursuing), B.Arch 
Somerset, New Jersey, United States
Are you struggling because of lost confidence and faded dreams? Do you want to achieve more in life?
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About me

You want to achieve more out of life. You could be trying to attain a work-life balance or maybe transition into a new phase of life. It could be at a professional, personal or both the levels. Either ways, you are feeling overwhelmed or stuck at some point, and thus, unable to move forward.

After contributing to the built environment in both, India as well as USA for several years, I now architect bridges for people looking to stretch beyond their boundaries, defined either by themselves or for them by others, in life.

Drawing from my years of experience as an Architect designing dream spaces to a Life Coach designing dream lives, I apply a threefold coaching approach:
1. Conceptualize - Define the goal; your 'must haves' of life.
2. Design - Create a plan based on your values, strengths, daily rituals etc.
3. Construct - Move forward with the process of change and build on your success.

I also employ NLP strategies as required, to help my clients maximize their growth and excellence. NLP stands for neuro-linguistic programming which is based on the premise that we can program our brains to bring about certain changes in our behavior patterns for achieving specific goals.

As your Life Coach, I am here to share with you the abundance life has to offer. Think of me as a supporting hand on the seat of your bicycle while you learn to balance yourself and ride without the training wheels. An optimist who believes in you, my goal is to help you rise to your own challenges and go further than you ever thought was possible; a guide through the process of defining, creating and supporting your change.

Coaching with me



- 60-minutes sessions held over phone
- I will call you at the scheduled time, wherever you are in the world.
- You can also gift someone you care a life coaching session. I do expect though that the gift recipient is made aware of the appointed call time
Email support is always free; write to me and I will reply

Fee description

Fees: from $100 USD to $101 USD

Cancel or reschedule 24 hours in advance to avoid forfeiting of sessions.


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