lifecoach $350 USD Rashun Faust Rashun Faust A young 21st century innovator. Helping others maximize potential and discover purpose!
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Rashun Faust

Certified Life Coach, BA, MA  
Mobile , Alabama, United States
A young 21st century innovator. Helping others maximize potential and discover purpose!

About me

My name is Rashun Faust (aka Mr.CEO). I have been equipped with experience & authorized through knowledge to push others into a realm of success. I have been a Youth Pastor for 5 years, and also a traveling evangelist. Also, I am a publishing author. This year I'll be graduating with both a BA & MA. I have helped many, motivated many, and ignited many to accomplish things beyond their expectations. Last, but not least I am a Certified Life Coach. Which is what speaks the loudest concerning myself. Because my success is within helping others become successful. From young to old I have impacted people lives across the United States. I could share a lot more, but imma stop here. I'm simply words, " I ENJOY LOVING PEOPLE BACK TO LIFE!" Empowering & Connecting people to Overcome. We were born to WIN!



Private coaching : contact for info
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Short courses or group coaching
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Ongoing training
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Fee description

Fees: from $40 USD to $350 USD

My career isn't about money, but rather your success. However my prices are based upon your need. Don't fear prices, but be drawn to progress!


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