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Reane Seavor

Holistic Living Coach 
HOPKINSVILLE, Kentucky, United States
Life Coach with a focus on holistic nutrition, conscious living, and dream manifestation!

About me

I am 23 years old and Mother to a beautiful (almost) 3 year old little girl named Mila Cocoa. This precious being is the heart of my existence and my inspiration and motivation to be my best self. I am learning as much from her as she is from me!

I am currently enrolled in the "Mind-Body Transformational Psychology" Associate's Degree program at the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts. This program is designed to give me all the skills needed to open my own Holistic Wellness Practice. My curriculum includes Holistic Nutrition, Life Coaching, Conscious Living, Sustainability, Urban Farming, Permaculture, Reflexology, and Aromatherapy. My intention is to use this knowledge to launch what I call SOULscape. SOULscape is to be a sacred place of healing and growth, a place where people can discover who they are underneath the veils, a place where people can manifest their dreams, and a place where people can feel unconditional love and support in the process. A place where people can evolve into their best selves. My role in all of this is to be a facilitator of love, growth and healing though various holistic practices. The concept of SOULscpae has a long way to go before becoming a physical location. But at this time, I have almost completed the Life Coaching portion of my degree, as well as the required 100 hours of practice, making me a Certified Transformational Life Coach. My intention is to use these Life Coaching skills to bring out the best in others and help them achieve their own dreams. As my skills grow, so will my services. Above all, I just want to spread love & healing. This isn't about "making it", this isn't even about making money, this is simply about LOVE!

For most of my life I have lived in Florida but have also lived in Rhode Island and currently live in Kentucky. Ever since I was a small child, I have had an innate interest in Holistic living, healing the Earth, and helping people. I also thought deeply about existential questions like "why am I here?", "who is God?", or "when did time start?". I was an extremely shy child and spent most of my free time in solitude thinking about these things and was very pleased to do so. One of my favorite games to play was a pretend game where I lived in the forest and my pet dog was my wolf. I would sometimes play all day, pretending to make healing potions from miscellaneous plants in my hard, going on treks through the "forest" for supplies, protecting all the wildlife (mostly grasshoppers & crickets) from any sort of harm, and having pretend ceremonies for rain or sunshine. Needless to say, my connection to and my love of the Earth and all of its inhabitants has been there since my earliest memories.

The broken societal system I was raised in taught me that these are not qualities or interests one can be "successful" in and pushed me to pursue a more "practical" career. I have been fighting an inner battle deciding between suppressing my heart's dreams for the sake of "security" or risking that so called security and making my dreams a reality.This frustration caused me to feel very discontent and fueled a lot of negative behaviors and limiting thought patterns. I felt this for many years- discouraged and estranged from myself and from society.

After the birth of my daughter, I started to gain more clarity on what was important in life. I realized quickly that the example I provide for my child will have a far greater affect on who she is than anything I ever tell her does. I had to ask myself, would I want my daughter to chase her dreams or chase practicality? Do I want my daughter to suppress her uniqueness in order to fit the mold society has made for her? The answer was simple, NO. With that realization, I knew I had to follow my heart in whatever direction I was pulled. I also had faith that if I was living as my authentic self, the Universe would bring me whatever I needed to succeed.

After months and months of researching all sorts of schools, programs, degrees, everything related to education I stumbled across the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts. I discovered this school by odd chance in the middle of the night just before going to bed. I knew instantly this was it. This was the school I had been looking for. Within a few days I had begun the enrollment process and signed up for the next semester. I began my classes in January of 2015. Ever since then I have been on a journey through the deepest parts of my being. I am being taught how to help other people and in the process have learned sooo much about myself. I am learning with my clients, forever growing, expanding, and evolving in any direction I need too. I stand side by side with you, growing together, instead of looking down from sort of pedestal. Let's become our best selves together!


I offer Coaching sessions via telephone and face to face. Typically sessions are 30-45 minutes long and consist of various transformative tools and exercises. We will pinpoint what needs to change and develop a plan to make it happen. You will leave the session with a better sense of self, or direction, and a commitment to an action that will accelerate you towards the best version of yourself!
I offer online Coaching sessions with the same services as a traditional session.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Transformational Life Coach (Currently Enrolled with SWIHA)
  • Holistic Nutrition (Currently Enrolled with SWIHA)
  • Conscious Living (Currently Enrolled with SWIHA)
  • Sustainability/Permaculture (Currently Enrolled with SWIHA)

Fee description

Fees: from $25 USD to $500 USD

$25 Per Session (Up to 1 Hour)

$100 Per 5 Sessions

$250 UNLIMITED Sessions for 6 Weeks **Best Value**

Optional Add Ons:

$10 Unlimited, 24/7 Text/Email Support For 1 Week

$20 Unlimited 24/7 Talk/Text/Email Support for 1 Week

***Packages Available, Please Contact For More Info!***

Includes Conscious Eating/ Weight Release Programs, Holistic Living Programs, Life Coaching, and MUCH more!


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