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Small Business & Strategic Coaching 
Mount Vernon, Washington, United States
I help Business Women customize Strategies to Lower their Stress and Increase Efficiency.

About me

About a decade ago, while becoming Certified as a Professional Life Coach (CPC)
I realized that not only did it come naturally to me, but that it was a Passion! I
believe that it's my avocation and I LOVE IT! (Just ask me- you won't be able to
shut me up!)

I also teach Business Community Education Classes at Skagit Valley College that focus on Marketing and Social Media (See Class Descriptions). I also offer group and 1:1 coaching, training, and facilitation.

Coaching with me

Common areas of Coaching:

• Time Manegement - Prioritizing, scheduling, and fitting it all in!
• Increasing Efficiency - Developing your "Delegation Muscles" and cutting out fluff.
• Enhancing Marketing Strategies - What is/isn't working, and what to try next.
• Ideal Clients - Describe, find, connect with them, and solve their problems.
• Natural Business Partners - Identifying, connecting, and working together.
• Organization - Of the Office, Systems, and paperwork.
My client leads the agenda of our appointment, but I gently challenge their beliefs and what's limiting them.

We brainstorm and discuss pros/cons of various ideas of whatever challenge is important to them, then explore the best ideas and put them into actionable plans with specific steps.

By the end of an appointment, my clients are very clear about what their Next Steps will be to make the bigger goal HAPPEN!


I work with Small Business Owners and Business Professionals who give 100% but want to do things even better!

My Specialties are: Relational Marketing, Natural Business Partnerships, Increasing Efficiency, Organization, Time Management, and Connecting with Ideal Clients. I have a VERY practical yet insightful approach, and am very results oriented.

Appointements are 45-50 minutes by phone, Skype, or in-person for locals in Skagit County.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Certified Professional Life Coach, Academy of Coach Training
I have experience in working for Government Agencies, Corporations, a Small Business Owner, and myself! I've been on many sides of the fence and have a unique talent for seeing the bigger AND smaller picture of a given situation.

I also teach Business related Community Education classes at Skagit Valley College, and the local Builder's Association as well as offer group and 1:1 coaching, training, and faciliation to my clients.

Fee description

Fees: from $70 USD to $75 USD

My rate is currently $75/appointment


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