lifecoach $50 USD Rehan Naqvi Rehan Naqvi I am a professional coach helping people find happiness through understanding themselves.
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Rehan Naqvi

Utrecht, Provincie Utrecht, Netherlands
I am a professional coach helping people find happiness through understanding themselves.

About me

I define myself primarily as a spirituality coach because I believe spirituality covers most areas of one's life regardless of whether one belongs to an organised religion or not. As a spirituality coach I help people discovering themselves by looking into their own self. If you are tired of anxiety, repetitive thoughts, OCD, low self-esteem, relationships problems, or any other issues that are taking a toll on your mental and physical health, and you feel that you are stuck in a situation and do not find a way to get out of a quagmire, or you simply are looking for some guidance on relatively less serious problems in life, then I am the right person to speak to. With a PhD degree and a long international corporate career, now I work as a professional motivational/spiritual speaker, theologian, and a sports coach qualified to work with children and adults. I will help you develop high self-esteem and the skill to not care about what people think of you by using tested and proven practices. This can solve most of the problems a lot of people suffer from in this age. I have myself been coached by a professional psychologist. However, I am a coach and not a psychologist. I also work with teams and coach individual team members as well as teams to achieve their goals. Get in touch with me and have a session with me. I can guarantee that you will feel the difference after a session or two.


I can help you through private coaching in person (if you live nearby) or on the phone/internet.
can do online coaching.
Short courses or group coaching
I can give short courses to individuals and groups. The rates for courses vary depending on the subject.

Fee description

Fees: from $25 USD to $50 USD

I charge per session. The fee depends on the coaching needs. Each session lasts for 45 minutes.


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