lifecoach $125 USD Rev. James Ramsey Rev. James Ramsey Interfaith Minister providing life coaching from the spiritual perspective of non-duality.
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Rev. James Ramsey

M.Ed. Counseling; B.S. Psychology 
Chattanooga, Tennessee, United States
Interfaith Minister providing life coaching from the spiritual perspective of non-duality.

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About me

I am an ordained Interfaith Minister who provides life coaching from the spiritual perspective of non-duality. I hold a Master of Education degree in Community Counseling from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, and worked for 10 years as a mental health counselor before transitioning to the ministry in 2013.

My call to this work was the culmination of a 30-year spiritual search in the course of which I explored many paths, including Buddhism, Christianity, Paganism, and Gnosticism. Beginning with my introduction to the work of J. Krishnamurti and Toni Packer in the early 1990's, however, I began seeking a simpler form of spirituality that depended less on ritual and dogma, and focused more on present moment awareness. This approach was enhanced by my exposure to Eckhart Tolle's teachings, and further refined with my discovery Advaita (non-durlaity).

Most non-dual approaches guide the seeker through a process of self-inquiry leading to the realization that there is no independent self separate from the simple, immediate presence of awareness in which all thoughts and feelings appear. Dis-identifying from the belief in a separate self liberates one from psychological suffering, freeing one to live in more joyful and authentic way.

My coaching process is centered around facilitating this type of self-inquiry, helping client see through the illusion of the separate self,, especially in relation to the specific life challenges they may be currently experiencing. I teach an interspiritual way of being that is at the core of all the major religions, and is compatible with all of them. As one lives increasingly in this state of freedom, problems are naturally resolved, and life flows more ease on all levels, Thus, by addressing the key roadblock to living one's potential, generally, it can be applied to many different life areas (e.g. family, relationships, business, career, self-development, etc.).

More recently I have begun integrating a technique called Quantum Entrainment (QE)™, as well as using concepts from the Seth Material of Jane Roberts in providing what I feel a more effective metaphysical structure to this work, while increasing its usefulness in goal manifestation.

Generally, my coaching fees run $100 per 1-hour session. I offer a free initial 30-minute consultation, from which the client may determine whether we are a good coach-client match.


Coaching with me

* Release from identification/belief in a separate self.
* Progressive relief from fear and worries about the future.
* Greater freedom to explore one's whole self and personal potential.
* Greater creativity in solving problems in all life areas.
* Spiritual awakening.
* Greater sense of abundance and appreciation for life as it is.
* Greater sense of peace and self-confidence.
I see myself as primarily being a facilitator who helps the client discover that all the answers they seek are already within him or her. Due to our conditioning in the early stages of our development, however, our infinite potential is often obscured to the point where we can no longer see our infinite potential. I enter into an equal partnership with the client to help him or her see beyond these artificially imposed limitations (i.e. the belief in a separate self) by whatever means are appropriate to the individual, to find his or her center in the reality of who they really are.


I provide my coaching services either in-person, by phone, or online (see below for details on my online coaching services), however, if you wish to book me for an in-person session, I am only able to travel within a 20-mile radius of Chattanooga, Tennessee, without adding an extended travel fee ($50 for every 20 miles over the initial 20 miles). I currently do not offer a package rate for multiple sessions, but would be happy to negotiate a discounted rate for multiple sessions upon request, following the initial consultation.
Coaching sessions may be facilitated online using either the Life Coach Hub system or via Skype.
Short courses or group coaching
I am open to providing group coaching sessions based on my above-described model, on request. I am still in the process of developing a fee structure for this service, so please feel free to ask for a quote if interested.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Minister Ordination: Esoteric Interfaith Church
  • B.S. Psychology | University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
  • M.Ed. Community Counseling | University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
  • Reiki I Certification
  • Quantum Entrainment™ Basic and Advanced Webinar Certificate of Completion
  • Sedona Method™ Graduate
Reverend James Ramsey's path to the ministry was a long and winding one, yet he received the first glimmers of his call to the ministry from an early age. Born in Orange, New Jersey in 1961 to a career Air Force father and an English mother, Reverend Ramsey lived in Ohio, England, and Florida before the family settled in Chattanooga when he was 12. Despite a secular upbringing, a series of mystical experiences led to his lifelong study of philosophy and theology. Simultaneously cultivating a passion for music, he played several instruments in his school bands and began writing songs at the age of 15.

Graduating from Hixson High School in 1979, Reverend Ramsey enlisted in the U.S. Army the following year and served as a Smoke and Flame Specialist at Fort Hood, Texas, where he was awarded the Army Commendation Medal for his contribution to the reactivation of 2nd Chemical Battalion. After leaving the service, in 1984 Reverend Ramsey converted to Roman Catholicism and began a three-year discernment process, exploring a possible call to monastic life while working and pursuing his music career. This process culminated with his living for two months in a Trappist monastery; however, he ultimately decided to return to lay life, and soon after left the Church over fundamental doctrinal differences.

Reverend Ramsey started a family with the birth of his daughter, Liz, in 1990, while his spiritual search continued with his immersion in the Western Mystery Tradition, during this which period he contributed scholarly articles to the (now defunct) Gnostic journal, Abrasax. Reverend Ramsey was later influenced by the work of Indian philosopher, J. Krishnamurti, and in 1992 he attended a silent retreat with former Zen Buddhist teacher, Toni Packer, which event marked a major turning point in his life. It was also around this time that Reverend Ramsey entered the University of Tennessee of Chattanooga to pursue training in counseling psychology.

Reverend Ramsey's spiritual journey continued with his study of Celtic Shamanism and New Thought Christianity. In 1994 he earned a Black Belt in Taekwondo, and in 1995 he was ordained as a minister in the Universal Life Church, attracted by ULC's strong interfaith stance and simple creed acknowledging that all of us are all children of the same God, and allowing its members to freely pursue their own paths subject to the dictum, "To do that which is right." Reverend Ramsey graduated from UTC with a B.S. in Psychology in 1995 and an M.Ed. in Community Counseling in 1996, basing his final Master's project on original research he conducted in the field of transpersonal psychology.

Following graduation, Reverend Ramsey served the community for ten years as a clinical counselor (which although in secular positions, he regarded as a ministry) and continued his spiritual education with the studies in Tibetan Buddhism and Advaita Vedanta (nondualism).

With the drastic cuts to mental health programs that occurred in the lead-up to the Great Recession, Reverend Ramsey experienced a major life crisis, during which time he continued his professional education with the study of school psychology at UTC and delved deeply into the teachings of Christian mystic, Joel Goldsmith. This culminated in a total surrender to what is. Forced by the Universe into following his bliss, Reverend Ramsey emerged from this period with the release of his first CD entitled, On the Dying Breath of Wisdom, in 2012, followed by the founding of his wedding consultant business, Chattanooga Wedding Officiants in 2013. On April 17, 2014, Reverend Ramsey founded Crossvine Ministry, and on May Day, 2015 he accepted ordination as an Interfaith Minister within the Esoteric Interfaith Church.

While Reverend Ramsey, looking back, that it probably would have been far easier for him to have pursued the traditional route to the ministry through a mainstream church seminary, he feels that his unique spiritual path has prepared him to serve in ways that would have been impossible had his life been any different. Reverend Ramsey's journey continues as he joyfully embraces life as it is, not knowing where it will take him next.
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Fee description

Fees: from $100 USD to $125 USD

I am currently charging $100 per 1-hour session, however, I am open to negotiating a discounted package rate for multiple sessions, following the client's initial consultation with me. I am also int the process developing a group coaching rate, which I will post soon, but until such time please don't hesitate to inquire, if interested.


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