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Rimi Yoshida

Singapore, Singapore

Offering warm, collaborative coaching to empower you so you can live a vibrant life

Life coach Empowerment coach

FEES from $130 USD to $900 USD for coaching packages. more...

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About me

We all want a satisfying life where our wants in relationships, lifestyle, health, career, money, personal growth and life purpose are being met.  Sometimes though, our inner blocks make us stuck and we need some outside help to deal with them. 

This is where I hope to be of assistance using the various techniques I employ.

I started out in 2013 as a practitioner in several energy healing modalities: the Emotion Code, the Body Code, the MAP Method. I used to believe that our blocks are caused by subconscious programming in the mind, so they only way around them is to clear the subconscious.

Fast forward several years later I still believe the same, but I've come to understand that only clearing the subconscious isn't enough to effect change.  True and lasting change comes about through taking action, which depends on making conscious choices.  I trained as a life coach so I could help people become more aware of their mindset and make changes more intentionally. 

Therefore, my coaching is a blend of asking thought provoking questions plus clearing energy.  Through questioning, we will get to the crux of the block you're facing.  When we locate the pain point, we will use energy clearing to help you get past that block.  Once you're in a more resourceful state, we will go back to the issue and look at what constructive actions you can take. 

If you are a person who is open to exploring their emotions, automatic thoughts, the body, inner parts and energy, then I might be a good fit for you! Please feel free to reach out to me if you'd like to know more.    


Coaching with me


You can expect to experience shifts in your understanding of yourself and your situation. You may also feel less blocked and more aligned with what you want to do, have or be.  Once that occurs, your innate resourcefulness comes to the forefront, so it becomes easier to set goals and take action.  


Coaching with me is fluid, freestyle and intuitive.  I provide a collaborative, safe space for you to reflect, go on a journey and make new connections.  My role is to hold up a mirror or shine a light as needed so you can truly understand yourself.  



In person session

Duration 60 minutes 

Single or package of 3/5/10 sessions 


Online session using Zoom or any other preferred method

Duration 60 minutes

Single or package of 3/5/10 sessions

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Certified MAP Method Practitioner, 2019
  • Certified Body Code Practitioner, 2014
  • Certified Emotion Code Practitioner, 2013
  • Certified Positive Psychology Coach, 2021
  • Coaching with Neuroscience, School of Coaching Mastery, 2019
  • Coaching with Positive Psychology, School of Coaching Mastery, 2020
  • Choice Theory, Reality Therapy Certified, 2016

Professionally, I have a strong background in emotional healing.  I bring to your coaching session strong listening skills and intuitive insights, honed by several years' experience of working with people who are held back by their emotions and negative beliefs.  It's my belief that you naturally become more resourceful as you begin to fully understand and let go of what was holding you back.

In addition to energy work, my coaching is underpinned by Positive Psychology, Choice Theory Psychology, neuroscience and the ICF's core competencies/code of ethics.  These may not show up as overtly as energy work does in my sessions, but they provide me with an understanding of your psyche and a solid coaching structure.

My life experience prior to becoming an energy worker and life coach was full of change.  I grew up bilingual and bicultural, lived in 4 countries but visited many more, and went through several highs and lows within my family of four.

Having experienced various struggles and failures due to the mindset I was in at the time, I truly understand what are the internal blocks that hinder you from moving forward and living up to your potential.  I also know what's possible when those blocks have been moved out of the way!  It's truly liberating and empowering.

My guiding motivation in doing this work is to serve people like you who want to open the door to more possibilities. I'd like to help you uplift yourself so you can become an inspiration to others around you!

Fee description

Fees: from $130 USD to $900 USD

(I'm open to adjusting these rates according to your current situation so please let me know if that's necessary): 

Single session 180SGD (approx 130USD)

Package of 3 sessions 480SGD (approx 360USD)

Package of 5 sessions 700SGD (approx 525USD

Packge of 10 sessions 1200SGD (approx 905USD)



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