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Coaching with me

How will I help you?
To start with, you simply need a new perspective on what you are experiencing.
​That means:
Sharing everything with me confidentially.
Listening to how I view what’s going on in your life.
Then, begin your journey...
Understand that you are not alone and that many people are in the same place as you.
See that your situation is not hopeless.
Accept that no situation is hopeless.
Acknowledge that there is a solution.
Accept and embrace the solution.
Work toward that solution and create renewed harmony in your life.
This means positive change.
You will be part of that change.
And you will embrace and enjoy that change.

I will present and describe the problems and the solutions in a methodical and strategic manner and I will help you to understand how your emotional responses work and also how to start managing them.
In turn, I will create a plan of action that will nurture changes in you, your life, and possibly in others around you.
This plan will be constantly reviewed until you embrace positive change and harmony.

Once we get there, even if it’s just an e-mail back and forth now and again, I won’t abandon you if you need support.
I work strategically. This means that there is a purposed method to the process, actually giving you a plan of how to achieve positive change and enjoy it at the same time.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • PGCE (Credit)
  • BA (Hons)
  • building positive relationships
  • Work Life balance
  • Changing lives 1 and 2
I have trained, advised and coached:
Directors of education
Council leaders
Head teachers
Social workers
Teaching assistants
Business professionals
Actors, singers, performers, musicians
Many others from diverse backgrounds and trades

and corporate clients have been:
Local authorities
Manufacturing industry
Schools, sixth form colleges, and universities
Major tour operators
Theatre groups
Charity groups

My successes:
Education sector
e-learning pioneer (15 years)
Designed and managed over 10 bespoke e-learning platforms/e-learning communities
Computers-in-schools pioneer (5 years)
Adaptive technologies pioneer (8 years)
Head of dept (10 years), Head of year (12 years)
​Senior Education Service manager (12 years)
Taught all ages including adults
Taught level 1 to level 5 (undergraduates)
Taught and advised: mainstream, special ed, alternative end, specific and complex needs,
​behaviour management, specific medical needs, terminally ill children's service.

Arts and Entertainment industry
Supplier for major tour operators, theatres and TV
Written numerous bespoke musicals
Designed bespoke digital resources
Played (as a musician)major venues including BBC TV
Countless art commissions including:
International magazines
Church interior design
book covers
album art
Bespoke stage design
Costume design


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