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Robert Main

Certified Professional Life Coach 
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Do you struggle with finding purpose, happiness and joy in your life? Live a remarkable life with me
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FEES from $90 CAD to $120 CAD for coaching packages. more...

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About me

As your Life Coach, I will show you how to lose your baggage and take on new risks, to identify your weaknesses and strengths so you can optimize your effect on the world and those within it. Be confident, letting your natural abilities and talents shine through in all of your pursuits and easily manifest your goals because of it.

Through working with me, my clients have rekindled their relationships, become better parents to their children, found passion in their careers, happiness and fulfilment in their lives and have rediscovered their purpose.

I am a strategic thinker with an aim to provide solid solutions to your specific challenges. I will build you a stepping stone path unique to you and your individual needs and goals. I like to say for every problem, there is on average 16 solutions and I am here to provide them.

Coaching with me


Part of the training I will provide includes the use of an app that streamlines every aspect of your personal and professional life. It will help you achieve your goals in a direct and efficient way. I have used this app to restructure small business, but is so user friendly that anyone can just dive right in and start changing the way they prioritize, today!



I offer a free initial 1-hour consultation to get to know one another. Moving forward, I charge $90 per hour, generally once per week though some clients prefer to work at their own pace every other week or even once per month. The choice is yours.


All of my coaching is performed via phone or webcam. However, it is not uncommon to meet in person when close enough or under circumstances that allow us to be in the same town at the same time. Some of my favourite out of town ventures have included meeting clients in person that I have been working with!

Ongoing training

The speed at which we move together is totally in your control. meeting once or twice a week will obviously create a quicker path to reaching your goals than if we meet just once per month. But it is whatever works for you.  My goal for you is to not need me anymore. On average I only see clients regularity for 5 -10 sessions and then they reduce to just once per month or even on call.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Certified Goal Success Coach
  • Certified Relationship Coach
  • Certified Life Purpose Coach
  • Certified Anger Management Coach
  • Happiness sustainability

One of the main reasons I am a successful Life Coach is life experience. Some years back my wife and I invested in a business that ultimately fell short of meeting its goals. We were devastated, we lost everything and walked away with $169,000 in debt. The fallout, emotional roller coaster and the stresses that it put on our relationship and that of our children were at times extremely hard to overcome. But we learned to do it and 3 years later we were able to purchase a new home and had a stronger and deeper understanding of what we were capable of.  Together, my wife and I have over 30 years of experience helping others achieve their goals. We practice what we teach our clients even to this day.

Fee description

Fees: from $90 CAD to $120 CAD

Regular appointments are billed at $90 per hour and generally scheduled at 1 to 2-hour sessions depending on your individual needs.


Emergency calls/sessions will be charged at a higher rate as determined by you and me prior to the session.


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