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Coach Robin Wootten
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Robin Wootten

Bradenton, Florida, United States
Dr. Wootten specializes in stress reduction and work / life balance.

About me

As a coach, I spend time with my clients according to their needs - sometimes a few weeks, sometimes much longer. My husband and I work together to provide retreats, workshops, and seminars for educators, healthcare providers, and leadership teams. Our life experiences (victories and failures) have given us much to share with others, We love to laugh and make learning fun and interactive. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions. We can also customize programs to meet your needs.

Coaching with me

Stress Reduction
Work / Life Balance
Conflict Resolution
Finding Purpose
Regaining Self-worth
Transitioning to new role in life / work
Open to my client's needs. This is all about you, not me. Through conversation and some activities, we dive into what you want / need from the sessions. As a labor and delivery nurse for many years, I have learned much about how to deal with all emotions, not take things personal, and coach individuals and families through happy and extremely difficult times. As a leader, I have coached employees, managers, and groups of people to improve performance and find true happiness.


Please feel free to visit my shop to see the details of my offerings.

Based on the needs of my clients, we spend time together and agree on an action plan. These are confidential, hour long sessions by phone, via Skype, or online. Stress reduction, finding purpose, regaining self-worth, transitioning to a new role in work or life, work/life balance, and conflict resolution are examples of areas we can explore. Most of the time, we just start simple and work our way through the opportunities together.
A series of three 4-week "beach spirit" courses where we focus on the realities of life, building inner peace, and how to shine for others. These courses are based on my love of beach life, a slower pace, and the feeling of inner peace found while "on vacation". We work on ways to carry that feeling with you between beach visits!
Short courses or group coaching
Customizable sessions taught with my husband, Paul. We focus on "beach spirit", self-care for educators and healthcare workers, customer service, and leadership inspired by the sea! Both educators, Paul and I share the podium well and work hard to ensure our audience is comfortable and engaged.
Ongoing training
WIll customize programs to meet the needs of the audience.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • PhD in Health Education and Promotion
  • MBA in Health Administration
  • RN with 25+ years of experience
  • PhD Dissertation focus: Stress Reduction
  • Health Education and Promotion Certification
  • Nonprofit Leadership Certification
Divorced / Remarried wife with blended family of 4 children
CEO of nonprofit organization - 15 member BOD, mostly physicians
Labor and Delivery Nurse / Breastfeeding Educator
Professor of Nursing and Medical School
Chief Learning Officer of Healthcare Training Model company based in England
Healthcare simulation / patient safety professional
Service Line Director in Hospital system (Women's Health and Pediatrics)
Strong Christian Faith - Believer in Second (or third or fourth) chances.

Fee description

Fees: from $50 USD to $1000 USD

Hour sessions $50 each or 4 week sessions for $175. Workshops starting at $500 plus expenses, customized each time for the audience.


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