lifecoach $125 USD Ron&Chery Boehm Ron&Chery Boehm Five decades of ministry, launching ministries and coaching leaders do the same.
Coach Ron&Chery Boehm
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Ron&Chery Boehm

MDiv, DMin 
Macedonia, Ohio, United States

Five decades of ministry, launching ministries and coaching leaders do the same.

Health coach Leadership coach
OFFERINGS: Private coaching

FEES from $75 USD to $125 USD for coaching packages. more...

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  • Ongoing Leadership Coaching 6 month package


    Our coaching will help you overcome the feelings of isolation and inadequacy to become a more effective leader.

    $600.00 USD RRP $600.00 USD     save 0% ADD TO CART
  • Career Assessment


    What kind of work would you enjoy? Find out the possibilities using the Harrison Assessment with a personal review of it.

    $385.00 USD RRP $399.00 USD     save 4% ADD TO CART
  • Leadership Assessment


    What are you good at and what should you avoid trying? This assessment helps you figure it out.

    $385.00 USD RRP $399.00 USD     save 4% ADD TO CART
  • Three startup sessions of Leadership Coaching


    We know the unique and intense pressures leaders face and can help you build confidence and gain momentum in your ministry.

    $225.00 USD RRP $300.00 USD     save 25% ADD TO CART

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