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Ron Conti

Certified Life Strategies Coach 
Oakland Gardens, New York, United States
My goal is to raise consciousness. I want to remove fear, insecurity and depression from your life.
Spiritual coach Energy coach

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About me

Hi, My name is Ron,

I am a Certified Life Strategies Coach, Holistic Consultant, Vibration Energy Specialist, and Musician.

Alumni from the Spencer Institute, I've been trained in the processes of Hemispheric Integration, Scientific Memory Strategies, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), and most importantly, making you feel better!

We are what we think. We are energy, and that energy is attracted to us by the thoughts we allow.

We will have to get into some challenging issues and show your thoughts who's boss, but It won't be scary. I tailor each session to your needs and state of mind. I will push you, but not too hard. We will go at a comfortable pace. Expect all kinds of emotions, but most of all expect to Smile again.

Now into the science stuff. Combined with my extensive studies in Mindfulness, Energy, and Presence, you will learn the structure of how our mind processes information and how to bridge the Ego and Spirit. This will allow you to rise above limited emotions like anger, depression, insecurity, and most of all... fear. Even if you are just feeling "stuck", searching for what your purpose is, or finding passion again. Together, we can uncover the life you were meant to live.

One day I had enough of feeling stuck, confused and afraid. You can too, but unlike me, you do not have to go it alone. You've got me, and I won't let you down. I take your struggle very seriously, as I have lived it myself.

I transformed my life, and even though it seems impossible at times, you can too

Visit me at my website, Search "Ron Conti"

I look forward to working with you!,

Coaching with me

Changing for the better can seem scary. That's because we are all creatures of habit. Once we become used to living a certain way, it can be difficult to change the pattern.

The process does not have to be long and frightening though.

It becomes frightening when we are not sure of ourselves. Just like any new experience. If we are winging it on our own, we can make many mistakes that set us back to the beginning, and have to learn the hard way over and over.

With this in mind, name something that occupies your life. Driving? Your Job? Even speaking? All of what you do, started with someone showing you how... And these were all tasks that you weren't even emotionally attached to.

Think of how wonderful it could be to learn a new way of living in the same way.

The reason why many of us stay stuck and unhappy is because we continue to focus on the past. On what makes us unhappy.

When you learned to ride a bicycle, you didn't focus on the falling. You focused on the riding. You learned what it felt like, and the ways to use your body and mind to ride. If you had focused on the falling, you would never have learned. You would only keep falling.

Emotions work in the same way. Therapy deals with the past. Coaching focuses on the present moment and future.

Visiting the past to heal blocked energy is an important aspect of growth. Yet is is not enough. Many of us fall back on old patterns because we never change what caused the past in the first place.

That's where I come in. You and I will work together to unlearn the programming that keeps creating negative experiences in your life, and learn new ways of thinking and perception that allows for new atmospheres of creation to expand.

Put simply, to be different, you must first think different.  Very few of us can do this without a solid support system behind us at all times.

I am your support system that will show you how to anticipate events and be ready for them before they hurt.

You can now learn how to overcome the feelings that hurt each day.  Feelings that can often hold you back and control your happiness.  

Wouldn't it be easier if you knew how to change and what to expect?

Wouldn't it be less scary? Most of all, consider this.  Wouldn't it seem more likely for a change to occur in your life if your began to see results as someone was there, right by your side, doing it with you?

That is what Life Coaching, and I am all about.   I specialize in helping you create new comfort zones, so you can form new habits and experiences.

You can break free, and live every dream you dare to have. 

I can not do it for you, and you would not want me to if I could. I can, and will though, show you how to do it for yourself,  You do not have to be completely in the dark as you move forward.  That is why most people give up and retreat to what they are used to. To what seems easier.

Even if it hurts.  Sometimes a pain we have been used to mimics a comfortable feeling and keeps us feeling stuck. 

You are not going to do that this time.  Do you want to know ow I know?  Because you are here with me now.  That tells me you want your life to change.  It tells me you are not only willing, but that you just couldn't live knowing you were settling. You will learn how to access your own Light, and see the path before you.

You were meant to live your full potential.  Even if you don't know what that is yet.  Trust me.  It's there.  We just need to clear away the limiting thoughts that fog your vision so you can see it.

It is my job to help you enjoy this process.  

Everyone is different.  Don't worry about keeping up or falling behind.  I pace and tailor each program and session to your needs, personality, and level.  I will push and challenge you to take risks you would otherwise not take on your own, but I will never offer more than you can handle.

Don't worry about money right now either.  I have packages and resources for those of all financial status.  I remember what it was like to have absolutely no money to my name.  Afraid and alone, not knowing where my next meal would come from, or how long I'd have a roof over my head.  I wanted help so badly, but everyone turned me away because I didn't have money or medical insurance. 

It made me feel broken.  You are not broken.  From my free blog and products, to my low cost Email coaching, you will not be turned away.  Regardless of what type coaching you are financially able to afford.  Just start!

Just start somewhere.  Get the momentum in your favor again.  Don't wait for the right time.  There will never be a right time.  The only time you will ever know... is the present moment.

I can offer more accessible options at a cheaper cost because it allows me to create products and support you at times when I have multiple tasks occurring.  I can move from one task to another as inspirations arises, and support more of you at the same time.

Whereas when we work together on a phone call, I have to set aside specific time to dedicate to only you.  Time is the biggest commodity we all have.  That is why personal phone coaching is more dedicated and expensive.  

I didn't want that to be your only option though.  I could bear the thought of you not receiving the support your need because of money.  So I created the Email Coaching system.  That and the other free resources I post can be all it takes to get you moving in the right direction.  You can always change the coaching package to phone coaching at a later time if your choose and see the value of doing so. 

My Email package is just as personal, in depth, and meaningful as phone coaching.  You will get the same personalized treatment and special attention as people who pay more to hear my voice. The key is to start.  Start here and start now.  Doing one thing different will allow for a ripple effect.  Dig deep and push yourself to take that first step.

You are not alone. You are safe here. You matter!

You are going to learn:

- Who you are and why you are here
- How to use your own energy and vibration to create events in your life
- How to rise above depression and anxiety.
- How to have more confidence
- Your purpose and passions
- The Law of Attraction
- Chakras
- Energetic vibration of food
- How to overcome eating disorders and body issues.
- How make new friends
- How colors effect our realities
- How Music can Heal you
- How to be Happy
- Find the love of your life
- And so much more!

Learn more about how we can work together.  

Choose the package that suits you best and follow the simple steps to secure your spot.

I look forward to sharing this experience with you.  

It is a very exciting time.  Your life is about to change!


I offer one on one coaching by phone. Traditional lines in the USA, and Facebook messenger phone for those outside the USA.

I offer this service for as financially generous as I can, because I know you are hurting, and you don't have to anymore.

I do not pressure you into packages. You pay per session as long as you want. The sessions are 45 minutes each, and I send an email follow up of what we've discovered.

The Sessions are $119.00 each, which if attended weekly, would still be much cheaper than most coaching packages.

If you are a student of life through the email coaching I offer, then a discount will be available for your one on one phone session.

I am here to serve you, no to exploit you. Join me for the answers to your deepest questions.
My preferred Coaching modality is by Email. It allows me to lessen my fees even more for you, as well as offer you a platform of ease and virtual freedom. At the basis level, the One and Done method, is pay as you go one email at a time. You ask anything you like, and within 48 hours I give a response.

I have found this is an amazing approach for those that can spontaneously seek assistance without having to wait, or spend larger amounts on a full phone session. Each email is only $19.00.

The other package I offer is The Three Month Package. In this, I am here for you for three months. When ever you like, you email me. The more specific the question, the better i can respond.

I do not count emails. I simply only ask that you wait for my response before you send another.

This full three months is only $397.00. That's half of a 4 week phone package for most coaches.
Ongoing training
The most valuable package I offer, is the month subscription Email package.
This is for individuals that are serious about change. Serious about putting the past behind and living the rest of their lives with the ability to smile... Often.

The fee is $97.00 a month and is removed from your card each month. You do not have to do a thing but grow and experience life.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Certified Life Strategies Coach, Spencer Institute
  • Certified Energy Specialist, BPI Instutute
  • Extensive studies in Raising Vibrational Frequency
  • The Law of Attraction and Intention
  • Presence and living in the Now
  • Hemispheric Integration
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming
  • Scientific Memory Strategies
  • Published Author and Songwriter

Fee description

Fees: from $19 USD to $119 USD


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