lifecoach $2500 USD Roosevelt Ricart Roosevelt Ricart I’m a certified life coach and spiritual advisorwith over 15 years of experience.
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Roosevelt Ricart

Life coach with 15+years experience 
Bronx, New York, United States

I’m a certified life coach and spiritual advisorwith over 15 years of experience.

Life coach

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About me

I was ordained as a minister of universal thought which means non dogmatic spirituality. I believe in one God, In The Holy Trinity, In the Father, The Son and The Holy spirit but I understand that the magnitude of my creator stems beyond the walls of man made structures and human ideals.

My vast experience in the field of spirituality & lightwork, my certification inlife coaching and ultimately my ministry ordainment grants me the privileged opportunity of serving in what I believe to be my calling and purpose from birth; which is to return to the light, to the source or to God those who have lost their way.

I read somewhere that God does not have an identity issue and that statement has stood with me ever since. I believe that how we choose to address our creator is really of no consequence. I think the most important thing is addressing with the right intention, with praise, love and respect.

I don’t pretend to understand it all and I firmly believe that true knowledge of life and spirit begins in acknowledging that we know nothing. We must be free from judgement, from right or wrong in order to sustain our connection to the source of pure love.

I believe judgement and love to be on opposite spectrums of creation and the majority of religious leaders focus more on judgement than on pure love. I understand that even in spirituality a system of balance is necessary but man’s judgement is to imperfect, it is too blind to be responsible for even it’s interpretation.

Fair judgement, requires omniscient view and this responsibility is far too great for man to execute. Humankind is limited in perspective and therefore in my opinion the ultimate and prime spiritual law of the land should be to act according to love, compassion and mercy -not judgement, exclusion or excommunication.

Soul To Source is the space where I’ll be sharing my thoughts on spirituality, faith, religion and belief systems. It’s the place where we get to discover that God, The Universe, The Creator, Source Energy or whatever you choose to call the root of existence is attainable to us all.

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Fees: from $55 USD to $2500 USD


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