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Ros Bongiorno

Integrative Coach: Life & Wellness  
Ryde (Sydney), New South Wales, Australia

I am a Transformational Life, Wellness and Coach, and a wholistic dietitian.

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FEES from $105 USD to $140 USD for coaching packages. more...

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About me

I am a wholistic coach and seek to facilitate balance, growth and joy in my clients. If you have struggled with diet, energy, mood or dealing with change in your life then the modalities I am trained in can be the breakthrough you need to long term, fast and sustainable change.

I am a trained Breakthrough Shadow Coach and EFT (Emotional Freedoms Technique) Coach as well as an an Accredited Dietitian and Nutritionist. I also facilitate Soul connection and alignment for my clients; understanding the nature of your Soul and Soul Blueprint can bring clarity, direction and a clearer roadmap.

The approach I use will find what is limiting you from having the extraordinary life you desire. From your beliefs and thoughts and emotions to your physical needs such as nutrition and movement. All these play are part in providing joy and purpose to your life. The right nutrition can enhance or dampen your mood and thoughts. The things you believe can lift or dampen your spirits. The emotions you keep or repress in your body can play havoc with many aspects of your life.

I've deliberately sought out training to augment the health qualifications (nutrition and dietetics) in order to provide my clients with the skills they need to not only plan their diet, movement and energy levels but also to implement the changes through a mixture of changes in perception of ourselves to specific ways to implement actions and create new long lasting habits.

Coaching with me


To achieve the wellness and life goals that they aspire too. To facilitate their creation of an extraordinary life where they are growing and moving toward their goals in all areas of the life wheel. To release joy and energy and release the emotions and limitations that they know are there but haven't been able to let go of. In essence to be the person that they know they can be and achieve the success they crave: be in it their health, career or other measure of success.


I use EFT Tapping and Matrix ReImprinting, Shadow Coaching, Soul Blueprint Coaching.

I initially like to get a big picture of my clients needs. Where they want to go and what has stopped them in the past. I will also do a wellness assessment for new clients to ascertain their biggest most pressing issue and readiness to change. Together we decide on the approach, whether it be life coaching, wellness or EFT coaching. I will also look at nutritional intervention for ongoing clients since we now know how nutrition and mood and emotions are strongly interlinked.



One to one over Zoom or in person if a Sydney local


Over Zoom or by phone

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Wellness Coaching level 3 (Wellness Coaching Australia)
  • Breakthrough Shadow Coaching (Ford Institute)
  • M Nutrition & Dietetics and BAppSc (chem)
  • Matrix ReImprinting training
  • EFT (level 2 EFT Universe)

I spent my first 15 years in the corporate world working as an R&D scientist. I am trained to look for evidence base and also to read and review scientific literature. This then came with me as I returned to complete my Masters in Nutrition and Dietetics. I have worked in clinical research and with patients for 8 years before deciding to start in private practice. I have incorporated life and wellness coaching as well as EFT into my private practice as I believe we are more than simply what we eat and in this way I can tailor my approach specifically to suit client needs

Fee description

Fees: from $105 USD to $140 USD

Initial sessions start at 105USD for life coaching and EFT coaching. Nutritional therapy/coaching starts at 125 USD. Clients that book for three sessions in a 3 month period receive a 15% discount on booking through my booking app.


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