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Rose Boddie

Mindset Changer & Life Coach 
West Bromwich, England, United Kingdom

I help women to move past their fears and negative self-talk.

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FEES from £45 GBP to £2000 GBP for coaching packages. more...

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About me

I help women to move past their fears and negative self-talk to enable

them to confidently build the life they always knew was destine for them

without the overwhelm or limitations of the past.


I love working with motivated spirits who have always known that they

have more potential inside, but don't know how to unlock their potential

and believe they are not good enough to Be, Do or Have what they want

due to lacking confidence and self-awareness. Everyone sees these

people as ordinary but inside they are somebody who is extraordinary!


Having been in the same place, I have a full understanding of how these

challenges can effect you, especially when you feel stuck and clueless

as to how to access the results you want, enabling you to make the

changes that you require.


Are you uncertain about where you are going in life?


Do you feel stuck but wanting change but don't know where to start?


Is fear or your negative self-talk holding you captive from going for what you want?


Want a clearer picture or plan to make the changes you desire?


I can guide and support you with these challenges. I am here to help you

with your transformation and realise your dreams!


I provide an Introductory Coaching session, where we can discuss your

needs and get to know one another. 


Here are some of the things I can assist you with:

  • Manage your fears and self talk

  • Overcome your limitations

  • Diminish the overwhelm

  • Finding You and your significance

  • Gaining Clarity

  • Build your self-awareness

  • Finding your confidence

  • Sustain better Health & Well Being

  • Improve your Relationships

Coaching with me


Two things that I am really passionate about is self awareness and

putting our mindset first.  Through my own experience, these where to

two things that changed everything for me.  They moved me from being

stuck, being fearful and stuck in the loop of my own negative self-talk.  I

help clients undertstand their thought patterns that get in the way of

living to their full potential, enabling them to grow past these thought and

create ones that support what they want and who they want to become.

As well as, enabling them to now live the life they you see within on the



Having lived a good part of my life before coaching finding me, I  was

uncertain about everything, I didnt know what I wanted and if I did, I

spent time going round and round in circles because I was uncertain

how to get what I wanted.  This is something that I help my clients with,

stopping them from that perpetual search for what they want and how to

get it.  I help them nail down what it is they really want and work on a

plan, one that is doable, without being overwhelming, a plan that they fall

in love with and want to work on daily until it is achieved.


All the this helps my clients build confidence and gain clarity of who they

are and a clear purpose.




I believe that coaching is a powerful and transforming experience.  My

approach is relaxed, friendly and supportive.  I like to build trust between

my clients and myself, this is done through 'getting to know each other

conversations' which puts clients at ease, so that they can feel relaxed,

safe and secure.


I use powerful questioning that enables my client to go within to discover

answers and 'aha' moments of realisation.  I also believe in the power of

our intuition and use this in my coaching to pick up on what is not being

said and/or trying to be revealed, those hidden bits of information that

has been locked away which has kept clients stuck.


I assist my clients to turn their challenges into triumphs so that they can

be their best.


Please feel free to visit my shop to see the details of my offerings.


I provide one-to-one mindset transformation coaching sessions, in the format of face to face meetings, if local or over the phone.  The sessions are usually around 75 minutes, however are adaptable according to your needs. Includes email support between sessions.


In addition to the above, we offer two longer one-to-one packages.

ACCELERATE - this consists of a half day session (up to 4 hours max) including a months email and telephone support, which commences after the half day session.


Same as above but in the online format via Zoom

Short courses or group coaching

Short online course and group coaching are under development

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Life Coaching Certification
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
  • Psychology

I had felt stuck in my life for many years. lacking confidence and feeling

unworthy.  I wanted changes however was afraid to go after what I

wanted, because I didn't really know what that was, then coaching found

me and changed everything.


I was opened up to a new world of self awareness and the

understanding that 'we are creative beings' and the fact that we create

our world through what we think and believe about ourselves, others and

the world.


I learnt that mindset is everything, as our thoughts and feelings leads our

words and actions.  This knowledge has helped me realise that my

challenges are a lesson not just for me but can help others if they are

experiencing the same or similiar challenges, meaning that the things I

have gone through are not in vain and can be used as lessons to help

create change for other people.  

Fee description

Fees: from £45 GBP to £2000 GBP

Pay-As-You-Go Coaching Session = £99

Accelerate = £500

Mindset Transformation LIfe Coaching Packages: 

3-Month Package = £300

6-Month Package = £600

12-Month Package = £1200


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Coaching with Rose Boddie
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  • Life coaching Coaching coach, life coach,business coach, coaching, life coaching, self help, personal development Coaching with Rose Boddie Merlene | April 12, 2019
    5 Star
    Taking control of my life

    I would definately recommend coaching, as it helps me to stand my ground and move forward so I can have a balanced life.
    It was excellent I felt comfortable. Speaking with you.


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