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Rose Woodcox

Paradise, California, United States
Providing clients with life changing coaching for 5 years

About me

I am a positive and motivated person with 5 years of experience in the coaching business. I believe that we can all reach our goals as long as we have a set plan and coaching can be beneficial in helping devise a plan for the future.

Coaching with me

Depending on what you want as an individual or as a couple we will work closely to achieve those goal.
I like to coach by being available to my clients as much as possible. I like to provide small goals and activities each week that will help with achieving the main goal. I enjoy accommodating my clients needs if that be a mix of telephone, face-to-face, and email meetings that is fine my goal is to help my client reach their goals without feeling like it's an inconvenience to them.


Please feel free to visit my shop to see the details of my offerings.

Offering coaching at periods of one month of service with 1 to 2 meetings per week at clients preference. First meeting free of charge to enable for client and myself to get to know each other and determine what the end goal of coaching is.
Can meet in Chico or Paradise at the convenience of my clients.
If the client prefers for meetings to be held on the phone rather than person to person these would be held twice a week.
Each meeting will be about setting goals and how to reach them. Each meeting will be 30 mins to an hour long.
I also make myself available to clients at all times via e-mail and text message.
For clients who prefer online based coaching this will be provided mainly through email.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Becoming a pain llife Coach
  • How to change your thinking and become positive
  • About life coaching and life coach training
I have had five years experience in the field of coaching, I greatly enjoy this line of work. Along with having experience I have also taken many online courses to better myself as a coach.

Fee description

Fees: from $160 USD to $200 USD

Payable upon first meeting.

$160 for one month of my services for an individual this includes a minimum of 4 meetings, my being available 24/7 via text and email, each meeting will include goal setting and materials to reach those goals.

$200 for one month of my services for couples this will include 4 meetings as couple and 4 individual meetings (2 individual meetings per person). my being available 24/7 via text and email, each meeting will include goal setting and materials to reach those goals.


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