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Rosie Kuhn, Ph.D.


Coaching with me

Are you a good coach? Are you a great coach? Are you an Extraordinary Coach?
I empower people to empower themselves, in service to the fulfillment of their human-spirit. If your end game is to be extraordinary - and why not want to be extraordinary for every one of your clients, then it makes sent to work with me to grow yourself, your skills and your capacity to empower people to their greatness.
I love one on one coaching! We have fun, while we work hard to ensure you cultivate the reality you are wanting to have. I like my clients to be committed to living into their fullest potential. I like to work with people who willingly immerse themselves into their humanness, their vulnerability and into their spiritual self too.

Humor is an important part of a good coaching relationship. Our conversations are playful but also requires a presence of heart and mind to stay focused on the dilemmas at hand.

I work with clients over the phone, on skype and sometimes in person.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Ph.D. Transpersonal Psychology
  • MA Marriage and Family Therapy
  • Life and Spiritual Coach
My book, The Unholy Path of a Reluctant Adventurer, says it all. If I can have a great life, one that is out of the box, extraordinary, and one that is in alignment with one's highest good and highest truth, I empower you to live the life that you are inspired to live.

My company's name is The Paradigm Shifts Coaching Group. My work is to empower you to shift your paradigm so you can create that which you say you want.

My parents raised me to be ordinary; My life path though has been extraordinary. Among many adventures, I crossed the Atlantic Ocean, lived in Nova Scotia, Canada, taught sailing on the San Francisco Bay, and have led workshops and retreats in Moscow. I currently run my international coaching business from a remote Island off the coast of Washington. If I can do the extraordinary, so can you!


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