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Ryan W McClellan

Student Living and Affairs 
Miami, Florida, United States
Student Living and Affairs Coach
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About me

My mission as a Student Life Coach is to address the issues many students know exist, and may bear witness to, but do not feel safe enough to speak about. Peer pressure happens every minute of every hour that takes place on campuses worldwide; experimentation of drugs and alcohol is prominent, and as of 2012 over 60 percent of college students drank alcohol in the past month, with 40.1 percent of students being heavily involved in binge drinking. It is quite a slippery slope, and without a resource for students to go to in order to discuss – in confidentiality and within a safe environment free of judgment – these issues remain. My goal is to provide assistance to these students, as a student myself!

• In 2012, 60.3 percent of college students ages 18-22 drank alcohol in the past month

• 40.1 percent of college students ages 18-22 engaged in binge drinking (5 or more drinks)

• 1,825 college students die from alcohol-related, unintentional injuries, including motor incidents

• About 1 in 4 college students report academic consequences from drinking, including missing class, falling behind in class, doing poorly on exams or papers, and receiving lower grades overall

• Bullying has been found to occur for college undergraduates with 18.5 percent having been bullies once or twice, and 22 percent reporting being the victim of cyberbullying

• 38 percent of students know someone who had been bullied, yet did nothing

• These students do poorly on tests, and often leads to depression and suicide

My job is to step in and make things work out for the better, provide long-term goals to improve the situation(s) at-hand, and ease the worrisome mind.

I am currently offering 30-day trial sessions online (4 one-hour conversations) and I will be assembling several free seminars throughout the next year on education regarding these issues.

I am also issuing a program called “Coaching 101”, which means that my first 101 clients will be able to receive one month of free coaching!

Coaching with me

Students should feel achievement and credit for succeeding in abstaining from drugs and alcohol, better school performance, and overall living.


One-on-one sessions, in person or on the phone
Need to chat via Skype? I'm there for that. Email has proven to work as well!
Short courses or group coaching
Working on courses for better living - keep coming back and find out more!
Ongoing training
I offer extended 3-month packages

Fee description

Fees: from $50 USD to $150 USD

Depending on your needs, your bill can be as low as $50 for one session (phone, online), to $150 for 2 in-person sessions, and ongoing month-to-month training runs upward of $200 per month for 4 sessions (this comes down to $50 per session).


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