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Salvatore Celestino

CLC, CBC, Small Business Expert 
Venice, Florida, United States
Extremely motivated and successful Personal & Business Coach committed to your growth & success.

About me

I am dedicated to partnering with you in order to “awaken” your inner spirit, drive, purpose and passion, therefore allowing you to maximize your efforts and ultimately achieve your desired goals.

As your Life Coach, my approach will be unique and unto itself based upon your specific needs, as we move forward together from that point to create happiness and your best life possible.

Having been a proven, tenacious leader throughout my lengthy education, business career and life path, I have consistently surpassed the highest goals and expectations while overcoming countless challenges along the way.

I am confident that my life's passion, motivational drive, insights & goal-directed supportive processes can guide & propel you forward towards your ultimate goals and better reach of your potential.

I would be please to have the opportunity to work with you...

Coaching with me

My approach is a direct effort to make very positive changes in your life. I am here to support and partner with you in an effort (for you) to reach new personal and/or business goals that are un-attainable at this time, as well as aid in the elimination of negative life issues.

During our time together, we will initially evaluate your areas of strengths and weaknesses as well as needs and perceived problems. We will then formulate a successful approach to overcome any negative issues, while developing mechanisms of confidence, motivation and structure in order for you to reach your goals.

Ultimately, you will eventually overcome your current challenges, and develop a very positive and successful attitude along the way so that the future is met head-on.
Initially, I believe in being a good & strong listener, thereby allowing the client sufficient time to convey all of the issues/challenges at hand in a detailed and concise manner.

Once all of the outstanding issues of the day have been addressed, we will formulate a detailed "game plan" together so that each issue is addressed and an action plan is implemented. Homework is generally required to strengthen the client's practices going forward.

Additionally, ongoing analysis worksheets are utilized together so that client progress can be measured going forward as well as determining the next steps to be taken.

I can be the client's loudest cheerleader, which I love to do as often as possible... however I am 100% truthful at all times. This may occasionally mean that I sometimes need to identify or address things that are not very easy or comfortable to discuss. Remember, we must be open and honest at all times to make progress.


Personal & Business Coaching:
One on One - 100% personal/confidential sessions via phone conversations and/or Skype video calls. Sessions typically last approximately 1 hour or more each, 3-4 times per month... usually for a 3-6 month timeframe.
Short courses or group coaching
Personal & Business Coaching:
If the NEED is specific and not extensive, the amount of sessions required should be limited to a short term (on a case by case basis).
Ongoing training
Personal Coaching:
Yes, as needed to address any new situations or challenges (career, family, life changes, and more)

Business Coaching:
Yes, as new needs arise such as finance, growth management, human resource issues, time management, goal setting, strategies & solutions, etc.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Certified Personal Coach
  • B. A. Business Management & Economics
  • Certified Business Coach
•As a teen, I developed very high musical skills (after endless hours of practice) and eventually toured the USA for several years (the result of constant industry networking, showcasing, auditions, etc.), performing live on stage and have recorded on several platinum records…

•Owned & operated 3 successful retail music stores for over 10 years, eventually selling out with a very handsome profit…

•Developed a very successful 22 year Commercial Banking career in NYC (studied Business Management & Economics in College)…

•Purchased, Financed, Renovated, Managed & Sold over 100 real estate Investment properties over a 30 year span (as a “side” business)…

Fee description

Fees: from $150 USD to $300 USD

Price quotes above are for hourly rates. The variances will depend upon the complexity of issues needed to be addressed as well as preparation time required prior to actual sessions. Financial consideration is also given on an individual basis with each clients needs as well as the length or duration of sessions.


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