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Samantha Bridger

Career & business coach, MBA 
Warrington, United Kingdom
A qualified coach with 15 years international business experience.

About me

Career and business coaching from someone who has been there and done it. I favour an coaching approach which looks for solutions, not problem, and I love to give your the space and time to think. When you think, you enable yourself to get to a solution, which works the best for you. Because the solution is unique and so are you.

My credentials? For 10 years I worked for a blue chip automotive company based in Germany. I speak fluent German and have extensive experience of sales, marketing, training and strategy. I worked for many different industries in export and hold the Institute of Export professional qualifications as well as an MBA.

Coaching with me

Specific examples include:
A project manager looking for a dream job realising that stress had worn them down, a sabbatical solved that one and this manager is now back doing what the dream job.
A teacher dreaming of setting up her own business, resulting in the teaching profession being left behind and a tutoring business now off and running successfully.
A single mum fed up with a dead end job, now on a university Access course and accepted into a Bsc starting in October.
In the initial sessions I like to give the client time to tell me what is going on and to work out the goal. Often it is necessary for the client to have an unbiased ear to listen. We can then get to work onto solid solutions to achieve the goal. I believe that each individual has the expertise and the capacity to achieve their goal, with some guidance to help them see how they may think differently about a situation.


1:1 Face to face, via Skype or by phone

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Foundation in Coaching Practice
  • MBA
  • BA (hons) Applied Language Studies
  • Diploma in Export Management
  • Certificate in Overseas Trade
First came to coaching as a client when I realised that I needed more from my career. This helped me see where my future lead although it took some years to complete that.
I have lived in Germany for 10 years and understand what life is like as an ex pat and of different cultures, working in an organisation which employed 32 different nationalities. I also understand the challenges of working in an traditional automotive environment, particularly in my last role as the only female and non native German speaking District Manager in a 60 strong team.
After retraining to become a coach I set up my own business. Sometimes being an entrepreneur can be a lonely time and even coaches need coaching.

Fee description

Fees: from $85 USD to $100 USD

3 packages
2 sessions: £60 per session
6 sessions: £55 per session
10 sessions: £50 per session


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