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Samantha Crowe

PhD, Neuroscience; Coach U Graduate 
Potomac, Maryland, United States
I'm a holistic coach who wants you to take back your life and design an authentic journey.
OFFERINGS: Private coaching

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About me

I am a personal and professional coach, mompreneur, and recovering neuroscientist. My clients are known for their empathy, intuition, and thoughtfulness, and many are driven by their inner leader or warrior. Although diverse, they share a common thread: each woke up one day "done" with the ways things are and ready to take back their life.

We may be a good fit if you:

* Are DONE with being pushed, pulled, judged (including by yourself), overlooked, or undervalued.
* Are ready to shed the masks and filters.
* No longer want to forfeit your choices to self-sabotage or fear.
* Are ready to think, explore, and create.
* Feel "lit up" at the idea of being an authentic leader and partner at work or home
* Want to live by design, not default.
* Want to act on your goals and keep promises to yourself.
* Are ready to move beyond surviving life and grow a life you live (and love).

If this sounds like you, we can partner through coaching to help you find your voice, power, and an authentic journey that feeds your mind, body, and spirit. We will use a holistic approach that addresses the themes, beliefs, mindsets, values, wants, and needs that cross all areas of your life. It's your life, and you will take it back.

I began my career as a neuroscientist. (This is why I am big on integrating how the mind works into my coaching.) After more than 10 years in academic research, I joined a global consulting firm where I built a multimillion dollar portfolio, developed effective teams, and advised military health leaders. I then advanced to an internal consulting role at an industry trade association, serving as a chief of staff and senior advisor to executive leaders. In mapping my professional journey looking forward, I could not ignore my heart. I knew fulfillment meant aligning my strengths, passion, and life purpose. And so began the story of my coaching practice.

I continuously build my value through an ICF (International Coach Federation) Accredited Coach Training Program, learning partnerships, and work with my own mentor coach. I am also an active global member of the ICF.

Coaching with me

As your coach, I will work with you to design a life of purpose in which you feel lighter, more confident, honored, connected, and authentic.

Some of my favorite areas of partnership include the following:

* Discover who you are, and find your voice
* Shift how you invest your time and resources to support your mental, physical, and spiritual well-being
* Evolve self-limiting mindsets and beliefs
* Make a life change or transition Aligned to your authentic self
* Create a Holistic life vision, Guiding principles, and strategy
* Make decisions based on possibility not fear
* Build confidence and grow personally or professionally
* Overcome resistance and become unstuck
* End overwhelm and increase energy
* Set goals and act with accountability
Although my process is tailored for each client, its major elements involve me —

*Helping you find your authentic self and align all aspects of your life to who you truly are
*Helping you clarify your vision, values, needs, and goals to guide your decisions and actions
*Becoming an accountability partner to support your progress and momentum
*Working with you to understand “what is” and the possibilities for “what’s next” rather than focusing on “what was”

Several important things to know:

***I work with the clients who I am best fit to serve. I am honored to accept into my practice those clients who can most benefit from my gifts and strengths. If I feel I cannot serve you best, I will be honest with you, and I am happy to refer you to other coaches.

1.) I serve diverse clients; all are unique. At the same time, they tend to share a few characteristics. My clients —

* Are passionate and committed to learning and growing
* Seek change and meaning
* Believe they have gifts to give to the world, even if they struggle to find the confidence to share their gifts
* Want to grow their light and share it with others
* Feel they are meant to be part of something bigger than themselves
* Are done with letting other people, circumstances, or fears control their life
* Have a sense of humor
* Possess a rich, complex inner world hidden in their minds
* Love to talk through (or write out) their thoughts to process their world and generate insight and awareness
* Want to break down the walls and filters and be their authentic selves

2.) I give my best. I show up to every coaching conversation fully present. I also put significant resources and time into my personal and professional growth to ensure I’m always the best coach possible for you.

3.) I expect your best. I’ll ask for your best and sometimes make direct requests. If you can’t give your best in the moment, I’ll understand and do what you need to be heard, supported, and helped back onto your path.

4.) I expect honesty. I value honesty. I will be honest about what I’m observing, always with the intent of serving you. I will ask you to be honest with me in return. I will also ask you to be honest with yourself.

5.) I ask questions and listen deeply. I will be curious and ask you many questions. When a question triggers awareness or possibility within you, I will hold the space and silence you need to think. Unlike some others in your life, I am listening for who you are with the intent of serving you rather than listening for what you bring to the table for me.

6.) I use my intuition. I will share with you what my intuition tells me. I will ask you to be honest about whether my intuition has gotten things right.

7.) I give homework. I will ask you to work on goals, actions, or mind shifts between one call and the next. Please let me know if I ask of you too much or not enough.

8.) I want a lot for my clients. I have almost bottomless compassion and strength for my clients. I do not judge you and will ask you to embrace yourself. I will want more for your life than you can envision at times. Don’t be surprised if I sometimes push you to dream big.

9.) I am your coach every day. Coaching sessions are often a catalyst for much bigger thinking and progress that occur between sessions. I am your coach beyond our actual sessions. Call or email me if you —

* Have a problem or feel stuck
* Have breakthrough awareness or mind shifts
* Can’t wait to celebrate a win


***How Do I Work With You?***

We will first “meet” during a free, discovery coaching session held via telephone (or Skype if you are located outside of the United States). The goals of this session are to —

*Help you understand whether coaching meets your needs
*Learn how well we partner together

If we are a good “fit,” and you want to establish a coaching relationship, you will sign a coaching agreement and complete a coachee intake package. The intake package is designed to elicit self-reflection and awareness, serving as the first step of your coaching experience.

***What Should I Expect?***

Coaching agreements vary based on your unique needs. In general, you will likely participate in two to three 1:1 coaching sessions each month. Each session is ~50 minutes in duration. We recommend being coached for a minimum of 3 months, with most coachees choosing to establish longer-term relationships. You can end your coaching at any time, per the terms of your agreement.

Coaching sessions are held via telephone or, if you are located outside of the United States, Skype. At the session start, you describe what you want to be coached on and the result you seek from the session.

Sometimes, you will want to think through a problem or opportunity to gain new awareness or ideas. Or, you may want to set a new goal, strategy, or action plan. You may decide you want help identifying your values, needs, or limiting beliefs. We can work on many things together. However, the ultimate intent is to always help you move towards your life vision.

You will also be able to contact me via email throughout each month as the need arises. Often you will want to celebrate a win or get feedback on a hurdle or opportunity you are trying to address. These interactions are covered under our agreement.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • PhD, Neuroscience
  • Coach U Core Essentials Program Graduate
  • Coach U Core Essentials Program Graduate
Samantha Crowe, PhD, is a life and career coach, mompreneur, and recovering neuroscientist. She founded Evalia Consulting LLC with a fundamental belief: When passionate people are empowered, anything can happen.

Samantha works with folks from all walks of life. She holds a special place in her heart for old souls, creative thinkers, and intuitive dreamers. And, perhaps nothing lights the fire in her belly more than women who are ready to take back their life and unleash their true voice.

***The Vision***
Samantha is committed to serving all who have an internal spark lit by pursing a life of purpose. Her vision?

A world made better by empowered thinkers, creators, explorers, and dreamers.

***The Value***
Samantha has explored the world as a neuroscientist, strategic advisor, leader of tribes, and coach. She understands how great minds and ideas get stuck. And, she has shaped a career around getting them “unstuck,” earning a reputation as a —

* “Go to” thought partner and strategist
* Roadmap designer
* Idea activator
* People and team cultivator

A life-long learner, Samantha continuously builds her coaching value through an ICF (International Coach Federation) Accredited Coach Training Program, learning partnerships with other coaches, and work with her own mentor coach. She is also an active global member of the ICF.

***The Journey***
Samantha Crowe, PhD, began her career as a neuroscientist. She earned a doctorate degree with distinction from Georgetown University studying brain injury. Samantha then became a research associate at the National Institutes of Health where she studied emotions and decision making. After more than 10 years in academic research, Samantha decided to pursue an opportunity to use her expertise and strengths at a global consulting firm. As a consultant, she built a multimillion dollar portfolio, developed effective teams, and advised military health leaders. Samantha then advanced to an internal consulting role at one of Washington, DC’s most influential industry trade associations, serving as a chief of staff and senior advisor to executive leaders.

In mapping her professional journey looking forward, Samantha could not ignore her heart any longer. She realized her most meaningful contributions involved empowering people and helping them achieve their dreams. She was inspired by the power of professional coaching in her own life. And, she knew that fulfillment meant aligning her strengths, passion, and life purpose. And so began the story of Evalia Consulting.

Fee description

Fees: from $200 USD to $500 USD

I primarily coach under a monthly retainer. This retainer covers multiple 1:1 sessions (typically 2 to 3 per month) and interim email contacts. The monthly retainer amount is based on your unique needs and whether you seek personal coaching or executive coaching.

Other structures are available on a case-by-case basis. I'm always open to creative solutions, so let's chat to see how we can work together.


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