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Samuel Gozo

Kyle, Texas, United States

Master Certified Life Coach & 2x World Champion

About me

I became a life coach in 2016 in what I felt was the most sensible move after realizing I wanted more from personal training. I didn't want my clients to be just strong in bodies, I wanted their minds, wills & WHYS to be strong as well. After seeing so many people go after things that have no connection with who they are whatsoever (and experiencing it myself), I formed my coaching practice to help individuals eliminate those blocks, find their true center and move in accordance to their true purpose & power.

I hold 17 active certifications. Out of all of them, 4 are recognized by the ICF and 5 are master designations from different coaching academies. I do this to not only make sure I have as many resources to give to clients through my Integrative Clarity Model, but to be the best overall coach I can be for you. In my personal life, I have risen as high as becoming a two time world champion in military drill and dropped as low as hitting homelessness & fighting my way back using plenty of lessons along the way. My professional credentials, personal journey and many, MANY other factors have allowed me to radically develop my coaching practice & successfully work with a multitude of clients from teenagers to middle aged adults.

I offer complementary coaching sessions for first time clients to insure we're a good fit before moving forward. This is where I learn about you & what's close to your heart, and where you learn about me and how my coaching system can best serve you. After a 10 total years of working with individuals in body and mind, you can rest assured you'll be in good hands.



To insure the safety of all parties in response to the COVID-19 pandemic & to comply with all local & state laws/stay-at-home orders, all services to the clients are strictly via Zoom; with the date & time of sessions agreed jointly between the coach & the above named associate. The format for all coaching sessions will remain the same.


Clients will recieve 60 minute sessions via Zoom once per week on the subject of their choosing. Clients will also be recieving a password- protected online digital journal which will be used to recieve weekly assignments, personalized resources & messages from me as your coach. This insures education and accountability as we strive towards your goals together.

Short courses or group coaching


  • Fitness Self- Suffciency Masterclass

  • Financial Base Habits Masterclass

  • Emotional Recovery Masterclass

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • "Master Certified Life Coach” Designation through Certified Life Coach Institute (ICF Accredited)
  • “Certified Financial Education Instructor” Designation through the National Financial Educator’s Council
  • "Certified Business Coach Specialist" Designation through Business Training Institute
  • "Certified Relationship Coach" Designation through Loveology University
  • "NLP Master Practitioner" Designation through Achology

I have been working with individuals in body and mind for a total of 10 years: 6 years professionally and 4 years provisionally as a cadet leader in the Norwich University Corps of Cadets. In those 4 years, I worked with various cadets and students in areas including cadet fitness, personal fitness & general motivation (which I thought was the key to success in my early 20’s, but we'll get to that shortly).

In 2014, I decided to take my role as a mentor into the professional scene and transition from working with college and high school ROTC cadets exclusively to working with adults as a certified personal trainer. Seeing different individuals from different walks of life succeed gave me my reason—the literal definition of my motivation—to not only stay in this field, but drive them to become holistically empowered and self- sufficient.

That required me to learn more about people, their "why’s" and what drove them beyond the biceps & bellies, and in 2016, I earned my first professional coach certification.

In my four years as a certified coach, I’ve been fortunate enough to work with clients as young as teenagers to adults in their  late 50’s, allowing me to see & work through virtually any blocks and mindsets as a collaborative team effort. In addition, I have accrued over 200 hours of continuing education & extensively developed my style both on the field and in the lab; all in the name of commitment to becoming one of the most well-versed and effective coaches in this industry for the betterment of present and future clients.

Beyond the continuing education and certifications, I am a man who truly walks my talk and firmly believes in leading by example. I understand what it means firsthand to create a goal & get into the minute details of what that goal takes. I understand what it means firsthand to organize and plan beyond the wish, and deliver big when it’s time to. I’ve proven that by winning the world title in military drill not once, but twice. Today, I am the reigning world champion & am the only one to win every single award a soloist can win multiple times in the history of the World Drill Championships.

In the summer of 2018, I fell on hard times and was homeless for 3 months. In my true “give up or get up” moments, my immediate thought was to overcome for the people who may experience Hell in their lives and see no hope. I thought “Perhaps they’ll find hope in this victory, should the Lord allow it.”.

I also came to a place of extreme accountability; recognizing that I was the one who got myself into that situation and I was personally responsible for getting myself out of it. Hence, I began building principles for the 3 months that followed, and those principles in that rock bottom moment are some of the very principles and systems I use to this day.

I can work through deep personal issues and blocks because I understand what it means firsthand to do so. I’ve fought depression & won. I’ve fought anxiety & won. I’ve faced countless adversities and by the grace of God, I have won each and every single time.

In my professional and personal endeavors, I’m here to support adults in the clearing of mental & emotional blocks; all in the name of getting them centered and aligning with a true purpose beyond the noise of the outside world.

Fee description

Fees: from $175 USD to $200 USD

My going rate is $200 per hour with the price going down when you pay monthly. Clients who purchase 3 months of coaching up front will recieve a voucher for a complimentary month of coaching for a friend of their choosing.


Price Breakdown

1-3 Coaching Sessions: $200 per session

1-3 Months of Coaching: $700-2100 total ($175 per session)


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