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Coach Sandra Cantu Bustamante
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Sandra Cantu Bustamante

BS Engineering 
Mariestad, Vastra Gotalands Lan, Sweden
Life Purpose Coach and NLP Master
Life coach Hypnotherapist
OFFERINGS: Online coaching

FEES from $90 USD to $720 USD for coaching packages. more...

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About me

Hi, I'm Sandra! I'm a Life Coach specialized in Life Purpose with over 15 years of experience in the corporate world. 

Uncovering my purpose and stepping into it was not a short journey. It took a lot of self-discovery, unlearning, unbecoming, healing, and reconnecting, but I wouldn't change it for the world.

Following my purpose is giving me that sense of fulfillment, alignment, and meaning that was missing before, and I would love others to experience the same.

My native tongue is Spanish, and I am fluent in English, so I can offer sessions in both languages. I also have some intermediate knowledge of Swedish.

I am a certified Life Coach and NLP Master, and use different tools, methodologies, and accurate assessments that will help you in your journey to tap into your Life Purpose, gifts, and talents, as they have helped me.

I can help you to bring light to any aspects that need to be uncovered and healed, realign you to your Soul's highest purpose and mission, so you can co-create a beautiful and abundant life.

Coaching with me


Thorugh my program I will help you to:

  • Tap into your purpose and full potential

  • Go deep to discover your uniqueness, true essence, and values

  • Uncover the important role you have to play in the world at an individual level, family level, and collective level

  • Feel worthy of having a wonderful life

  • Discover your passions, skills, gifts and talents

  • Make different choices, take new action, and get out of your comfort zone gradually to align to your life purpose in the best way

  • Detect areas of your life that need to be healed

  • Become the best version of yourself and live a purpose-driven life


I have designed a general protocol to help you tap into your Life Purpose and make a plan to align your current life to a purpose-driven life gradually, so you can keep the best of the old while opening to new opportunities.

I like to coach honoring your path and uniqueness, so I will adapt my approach to your needs.


Please feel free to visit my shop to see the details of my offerings.


My coaching program Reconnect to Your Inner Compass is a targeted process that will help you connect to your purpose and true essence, and start living a soulful life that's aligned to your values.

I offer a traditional coaching package (8 x 60 minute sessions) or a laser coaching package (8 x 30 minute sessions) meant for anyone on a limited schedule or budget that is ready to take the leap and is willing to do the extra work in between sessions.

Throughout the sessions you will gain important insights, cultivate self-awareness, develop a resourceful mindset, discover ways in which you might be sabotaging yourself, and learn new tools that will allow you to build the life you want.

I offer a 8-session coaching package program and extra follow-up sessions on request,


  • The topics that are covered include:

  • Your essence and what makes you unique

  • Your skills, passions, gifts & talents

  • Your core values

  • Your life purpose at an individual, family, and collective levels

  • How does a meaningful and fulfilling life looks like for you in all areas

  • How to activate the Soul consciousness and leave the ego behind

  • What you need to thrive every day

  • How to steer your current circumstances in that direction in the best way

  • Your manifestation blueprint

  • Tapping into your inner wisdom and guidance

  • And more...


Both packages include:

8 weekly sessions, and unlimited email support for 3 months afterwards. 

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • NLP Practitioner
  • NLP Master
  • Certified Life Purpose Coach
  • NLP-Integrated Life Coach Certification Training (iNLP Center)

I have a BS in Mechanical & Electrical Engineering and this defined my professional career for 20 years. I worked in the Oil & Gas industry in different roles (field operations, on-site support/information management, and commercial) until I got to a point where I needed to find more meaning, it was not enough to have an intellectually stimulating job anymore. 

It was until my husband found a hobby he really enjoyed that I  reconnected to my own interests and passions and could tap into my life purpose and calling. I have always been interested in personal development and evolution. This inspired me to become a Life Coach and switch careers. 



Fee description

Fees: from $90 USD to $720 USD

Coaching Package (FULL): $722 USD (8 weekly sessions, 60 min)

Coaching Package (LASER): $369 USD (8 weekly sessions, 30 min)


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