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I am passionate about helping people to discover and unlock their hidden potential!

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About me

I am a loving husband, devoted father, a son, a brother, a small business coach, a career coach, a men's divorce & separation coach, an NLP Practitioner, trainer, blogger, author and speaker.

These are some of the hats that I wear, but I am so much more than that.

And you can be too!

I am no stranger to the peaks and troughs of life and have had serious self limiting fears and beliefs about myself, had a huge lack of self confidence and self esteem. For many years I felt that I wasn’t good enough, that everybody was laughing at me and that I didn’t belong in any group, and life at times felt very lonely.

I endured an early work life where it seemed I was constantly kicked and unfairly judged and no matter what I did, just couldn’t seem to impress those that counted. I didn’t seem to fit in at work or have a large circle of friends and I even believed my own family didn’t really like having me around either.

I’ve experienced depression, a lack of libido and thoughts and feelings that almost ended my relationship and marriage. These thoughts served me well to self sabotage and prevent myself from enjoying my life the way it was meant to be. As a result, I had average results from everything I did and learnt some very tough lessons.

I share this with you, not to win your sympathy, but to hopefully help you to realise that, no matter what you believe to be true about yourself, no matter what you believe about the conditions of your life, no matter what illnesses or physical disabilities you may have or had, no matter what your childhood was like, YOU CAN choose to love life in a more empowered way and live life by your terms.

You can choose to live your full potential and let go of the past, just like I have, and achieve so much more and BE so much more than ever before.

Invest in your most precious of assets - YOU!


Coaching with me

By choosing to work with me you will:

• You will set far better goals that motivate you in a healthier way
• You will accomplish goals & tasks & projects even faster
• You will get things RIGHT more often in your business or in your personal life
• You will move your professional & personal life up to the next level
• You will reduce the number of problems you have & be more resourceful in resolving the better quality problems that you are left with
• You will attract more wealth into your business, your career or in your personal life
• You will experience more & longer lasting happiness
• You will be more effective & influential in all areas of your life
• You will become even more internally & externally attractive to others
• You will not just have a better life, but a better lifestyle
I coach from a space of commitment, appreciation, adventure, love and curiosity and expect nothing less from my clients. I will always see you as the truly magnificent person that you are, even if you don't see that in yourself.

You will be in a completely judgement free zone and you will find that after each session with me, you will experience the most intimate conversation you have ever had with another person.

Together we will explore everything you believe to be true about how and why you do the things that you do and then together, we will find a way to improve how you do that, so that you can finally start to achieve what ever it is that you believe is that you can't.

I may never have the answers that you seek, however, like any adventure, I will partner you on a journey of discovery where I can guide you to your own perfect realisations to the solutions that you seek to overcome your challenges. You see, this is where the magic happens and you reach your own answers and solutions. In doing so, you have ownership and commitment to that and are therefore, more likely to succeed. If I gave you the answer to everything, then I am simply not serving you in a high quality way and you fail in the long term, to reach your desired outcome.

I will keep you on track and accountable for your actions and non actions, so that you can truly experience real long lasting improvements in your life.

So join me on an adventure of a lifetime, a journey of personal discovery and unlock your hidden potential today!

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Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Certified member of The Australian Board Of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (ABNLP)
  • Certificate IV in Business
  • Practitioner of Deep State Re-patterning ™
  • Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)
  • Diploma of Life Coaching
  • Advanced Practitioner of Life Coaching
  • Life Coach training with The Coaching Institute
  • DISC Profiling
  • How To Run A Successful Workshop
  • Instant Insight Communication Systems™ for Business Coach (IICS)
In addition to the "About Me", I experienced a very low point during my early work life period after leaving full-time education at the age of 18, which lasted up until my early 30's.

I didn't realise it at the time, but I had sunk into a very negative mindset and therefore, I had a very disempowering view of myself and the world in general.

Then one day during 2010, I was given a bit of a wake up call by my manager at that time. He encouraged me to read a self-help book, which I very reluctantly agreed to. And that's when it hit me, the self shame and embarrassment upon the realisation of the person I realised I had become.

So filled with this pain, I found the motivation to be a better person, not just for myself, but for my wife and children, for my friends and for anybody I met. And so I changed and with this change, a realisation came to me of my purpose in life. I realised I could help people to rediscover themselves like I had done.

It was this experience that lead me to discover Life Coaching as a vehicle to serve people in this way.

So I haven't always been a life coach. I am a time served, apprentice trained Instrument Technician, so I have a very intimate back ground in engineering, more specifically, the electrical and instrumentation trades.

It was during my apprenticeship years that I felt the most pain and sunk into severe depression, a lack of confidence and very disempowering thoughts. So much so that it affected my relationship and my sex life for while and almost ended my marriage.

On a more positive note however, in 2006 I made a very brace and courageous decision to leave England, after 30 years growing up and living there, and emigrate to Australia. It was brave, because it was a blind move. I had never been to Australia before I emigrated there. I didn't even visit Australia before we moved. We were also leaving our families behind and had no one to unite with in Australia once we arrived. My wife and I even sold everything that we perceived acted as ties back to England, such as our property, our furniture, car and we completely started again in Australia. All that we knew about Australia was from information and research that we found on the internet and from TV shows like Neighbours and Home And Away :-)

Needless to say, this experience is right up there as one of my greatest achievements. My other great achievements are my four beautiful children, my loving wife and off course, changing my career completely to focus on serving people like you to find your courage and confidence to make your dream life and lifestyle your reality.

I have a lot of personal and professional experience and insights to share with you to help you achieve your desired outcomes in your life, your career, and in your business.
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