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Scott A Coulter

CCC, LSSYB, CSC, Military Vet 
Charlotte, North Carolina, United States
Change Agent with 20 yrs of Leadership, Workforce Development, & Success Transformation Coaching.
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FEES from $75 USD to $7500 USD for coaching packages. more...

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About me

Coach Scott delivers over 20 years of real-world experiences ranging from basic military instructor training, human resource management, sales, leadership and executive recruiting. Scott was Business Leader Magazine, Business Leader of The Year for his training and coaching programs that impacted hundreds of unemployed professionals during the recent recession.

He has been coined, "The Recovering Recruiter" in many of the powerful training sessions he conducts from the unique experiences while building a national recruiting agency during his corporate tenure.

However, each one of his challenges presented a "breakthrough moment" which transformed his mindset, family and the staff members alike. Coach Scott consistently show's his gratitude for each of those challenges and will share his arsenal of expertise and tools with you.

"Sometimes bad things in life happen to good people. The difference between success and failure in those moments depend on your motivation and mindset. For every challenge, there is a breakthrough--and i'm here to help you discover yours."

Coaching with me

Professional Coaching offers clients essential benefits to finding new ideas and different perspective to challenges you are facing in life and in your business. When you are working with Coach Scott, you can expect:

* Clarity on your direction
* Knowing your "Why" factor
* Improved mindset (changing the way you approach thinking and winning)
* Increased Productivey
* Improved Confidence and Mental Toughness
* Business Process Improvement (Strategic Planning and Action Items)
* Accountability Partner and Mentor who is understanding and honest
* Innovative out of the Box Thinker to achieve success
As your partner, we will embark on a journey to success using innovative and proven tools tailored to your needs. My purpose is to help others achieve success. I'll draw from over 20 years of military training, executive recruiting, business leadership, project & lean sigma expertise to help you achieve unbelievable breakthroughs.

My programs are for those who are SERIOUS about making a change, taking action and transforming challenges to unstoppable outcomes. If you are tired of getting the same results, ready for a new lease on life--then I'm the coach for you.

I will use a variety of techniques and tools to get you on the path of happiness, success and improved revenues. You can expect to:

* Participate in exercises and worksheets to uncover distractions and gain clarity on your Why, Where and How.
* Accountability Mentoring to ensure that you don't cheat yourself out of greatness or success.
* Live one-on-one calls or teleseminars to review findings and work through road blocks along the way.
* Use technology to send assignments or answer questions as you go through your new goals.
* I will spend time listening and assessing how we can build the proper action plan that fits your personality and skill set.
* I will share decades of resources to build the right strategic plan for you.
* Serve as your sounding board and will give honest and open suggestions that better serves your growth


One-to-one, per client's needs. We will assess, explore, optimize your process, execute your plan and monitor your action items.
If preferred, the online session is available. You sessions will include the same detail and focus as one-to-one utilizing the power of technology. Skype, Teleconference or Web based sessions or training.
Short courses or group coaching
I offer amazing group/community based coaching with individuals, groups or companies within a variety of areas. The short course or group format is impactful and relevant to you needs. Courses include: Career, Leadership, Sales, Operations, Kaizen (Continuous improvement), Success and Mindset Transformation Topics. Custom topics are available as well.
Ongoing training
I offer several ongoing packages ranging from 2 months up to 6 months. The ongoing packages are described as a deeper dive into your specific area and mentoring throughout your success journey. This is by far the best solution for maximum results.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Workforce Development Training Facilitator
  • Certified Military Instructor
  • Educated in Business Management & Marketing
  • Certified Lean Six Sigma Professional
  • Certified Career Coach
  • Entrepreneur
  • Consultant and Facilitator
  • Published Author
With every glamorous path, there are always unexpected incidents in life. My professional career has not always been the journey to wonderland. I've also had some unique experiences that are probably similar to many of yours. For instance--I've been unemployed, had stalled careers, financial setbacks, stuck in bad relationships, businesses that didn't get off the ground--all testing my faith and self-belief systems.

I've experienced the heartache of watching dreams fail and businesses burning a hole in my entire savings account. I understand what it feels like to be frustrated or trying to fix the problem on your own not knowing that your unwillingness to seek career or business help made things worst.

However, each one of my personal challenges presented a "breakthrough moment" which afforded me the opportunity to grow my faith, build better relationships, get motivated, improve my skills and live life as a breakthrough testimony.

I utilize these moments and successes to help lead you to your very own unbelievable breakthroughs.

Fee description

Fees: from $75 USD to $7500 USD

Fee's are based upon a the type of service you require. One-to-one sessions are hourly and group, workshops and seminars vary per topic and location.

Workshops, Workforce Training Sessions and Keynote Events will be priced on location, material and number of days.

My team is ready to assist you today. We guarantee that we will Dominate the Day together!


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