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Scott Cowan

Mindset Expert 
Paisley, Scotland, United Kingdom
I'm more officially known as Lord Hemseys. I am an Internationally Accredited Mindset Coach.
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About me

I became a mindset coach in early 2019. Many people ask why or how I became a coach. 

I became a coach after one day I had a moment where I was sat on my balcony and had the strangest feeling of looking around and thinking - how did I get here?

So, at that moment I decided I had to look back at everything I had done to get to where I was. Like us all, I have faced adversity in my life. During my 31 years on earth, I had been through a very messy break-up that involved my son, I had been through grieving the loss of both my great-grandparents within 3 weeks of each other, I moved to a different country to find work, I ended up living in a hostel in a country I was unfamiliar with due to a relationship break up, I have suffered from depression, loneliness and I have even attempted to take my own life at one point.

So, when I looked back over all these experiences in my life, I began to question how I managed to get through it all. After searching for a while and exploring everything I have been through, I realised
that there was only one constant in every situation I had faced, and that was my mindset and how I looked at situations.

Now, I'm so passionate about helping others to achieve their goals and desires. I am passionate about helping as many people as I can to make a change in the world. I want to help create a world where everyone has a positive mindset, a go get it mindset and indestructible resilience.

Why do I want this? As we all know mental health has rocketed in the last decade and unless we create bulletproof mindsets and indestructible resilience, the number will only increase. My goal is to help as many adults change their mindset so then they can pass that down to their children. Having a son myself, I am passionate about helping the children of today and our future generations in creating resilience and a positive mindset as helping to create this early as possible will not only benefit the children of today and the future it will help decrease the number of mental health issues we are currently facing across the globe.

Coaching with me


I'm also an Author of building block for a more resilient child and above everything I'm a dad. I work solely with parents to help them understand and create awareness of the impact we have on our child's subconscious mind, their belief systems and environment. I help parents shift their mindset in order to create positive belief systems in their child minds in order for them to be happier, loving, positive and successful children when they grow up.

I help parents who feel stuck in the cycle of life, gain back their power from within, develop an indestructible mindset - resulting in breaking the mould of normality, whilst creating a positive environment for children to thrive.

The unique part of what I do is that by coaching you and changing your mindset using tools and techniques your child will also automatically benefit from it too. 



I like my coaching sessions to be relaxed, very friendly and fully focused on your needs and wants. I am not a coach who uses a rigid plan, as I am more aware that things crop up in peoples lives that they would like to discuss more than what I have planned for them. My coaching session is completely directed by you, and what you are needing in that particular moment. I like to see my programmes as an experience or journey than a programme.

All my sessions are carried out via Zoom calls and you will find that I use a huge reservoir of coaching tools and techniques to help you, I also keep my clients accountable for the tasks we have agreed within our sessions. So if you are someone who needs that accountability then that is part and parcel of my coaching style. 



I offer a 12-week coaching programme. It is 100% tailored to you, all my programmes are bespoke and tailored around your needs. Personally tailoring it to you, makes it an experience and journey that nobody else has had before. There aren't many people who can also say their coach is a Lord. Yes, can't get more bespoke than having a Lord as your personal coach.

What you get within this programme:

2-hour Breakthrough Session - This is your very first session where we map out the full 12-week program for you and tailor it to all your needs. We will set expectations for the 12 weeks, we will look at your goals and what you are wanting to achieve, we will look at your desired outcomes and start to put a plan in place. 

Weekly Check-Ins - This is where we might schedule a call for a quick 15 minutes mid-week just to see how you are and see if you have any questions etc.

Accountability - This is the BIG one! Having me as your accountability partner, ensure you are held accountable for your future, your mindset and your action points. This is something that really does make a difference, mixed with everything above.

Welcome Gift - You will receive a special gift from me as a reward for taking the first huge step - committing to a programme. This gift is a deck of 52 cards that contain observations, prompts and questions to stimulate your thinking, allow for reflection, enable you to enhance your self-awareness and allow you to deeply embed the belief that you are enough, unique and a positive person. They are a great way to help you, but also to work with and grow a more positive relationship with your children too.

1 x 60 minute 1 on 1 coaching sessions per week - This is where we will focus on breaking down your limiting beliefs, getting rid of all that negativity, becoming laser-focused on you and your mindset. We will also review your progress from your previous session and agree on action points for the week ahead.

Access to Me - You have full access to me, you will have my email address, my phone number and also my messenger. Therefore, you can send me a quick message if you have any questions, any struggles or even if you just want to share a motivational quote etc you found online. I'm basically there to support you, I will always return calls and respond to messages as soon as I possibly can.

Completion Gift - You will also receive a personalised keepsake gift from me to you on the completion of your programme. This is a gift that will remind you of the journey you have been on, the discoveries you have made along the way and will help you realise how far you have travelled during our time together. I can't tell you what the give is, because I want it to be a nice surprise for you, but I can assure you it is worth all the hard work.


I ALSO OFFER One-Off Hourly Sessions.

I understand that there are some people who don't wish to commit to a 12-week programme, therefore I do offer one-off hourly sessions and these sessions come at a cost of £125 per hour. 

The pros to committing to the programme than a one-off session are it is difficult to see huge results in one session so I would always advise my clients to opt for the programme if they can. 

I have a number of clients who have completed the programme and wished to continue with coaching and therefore have opted for monthly one-off sessions. However, I try to cater to all my clients to the best I can ensuring they can achieve their desired results. 

If you are looking for just a one-off session you can book and pay for this using the button below. 

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Diploma in Psychology
  • Diploma in Mental Health Awareness
  • Certified Neuro-lingustic programming practitioner
  • International Accredited Mindset Coach

During my 31 years on earth, I had been through a very messy break-up that involved my son, I had been through grieving the loss of both my great-grandparents within 3 weeks of each other, I moved to a different country to find work, I ended up living in a hostel in a country I was unfamiliar with due to a relationship break up, I have suffered from depression, loneliness and I have even attempted to take my own life at one point. So, you can see I have been through a number of adversities within my lifetime. 

However, the one that stands out the most is my son was diagnosed with ADHD. However, I disagreed with the label given. I had a length battle on my hands as he lived with his mum and he was being pumped with medication. I had to fight to get him to live with me, get him off the medication and then we started the process of working on his mindset. 

The issue children face in society today is they are labelled far too quickly with something, then they are told that is who they are. This is a huge problem because the label is not who they are, it is a behaviour, not a person. So, I believe losing the label and teaching our children the difference between who they are and their behaviour are very different. We have all done things we wish we hadn't but does that dictate who we are as a person? No! It just means we made a mistake and we learn from it. 

The more a child hears they have ADHD, Dyslexia etc the more they will believe that is just who they are and that is not true. 

This is something I am passionate about and something I want the whole world to know about so we can help future generations understand this. 

Fee description

Fees: from $125 USD to $2950 USD

I offer all my clients a FREE 30minute discovery call to start. 

One-off Hourly Session - £125

12-Week Programme - £2950 (or £2000 if you commit within 24 hours).


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