lifecoach $5000 USD Scott Hogue Scott Hogue I am a life strategist I help people get the things they want and eliminate the outcomes they don't.
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Scott Hogue

Tullahoma, Tennessee, United States
I am a life strategist I help people get the things they want and eliminate the outcomes they don't.

About me

A Certified Christian Hypnotist, Behavioral Modification Consultant, Corporate Trainer, member of the International Speakers Network and missionary to Africa, Scott is the icon of a man that has made a life out of serving others.


I do basically three things in private coaching. I do changework, I help people understand personal relationships and I create and map out success strategies. That means I help people change behaviors, such as habits like smoking or over eating, I help change experiences of the world, as in pain management. I also help people come together in relationships, like a coach helps a team come together. I also work with people to outline a successful path to their goals.
I do most of the things online that I do in private coaching, changework, relationship training, success planning and strategies. I do more of my consulting with professionals online. I often coach or advise other coaches, life strategists and hypnotists.
Short courses or group coaching
I do group coaching in many forms. I often do corporate or business training, but I have been asked by organizations to do their group training. I can also take your company's material and make it into a course of study for training.

Fee description

Fees: from $100 USD to $5000 USD

I always offer a short free evaluation session. I never want anyone to have to pay to find out if I can help them or my services are a match with their circumstances.
A simple session can run as low as $100 and corporate or executive work with presentation expenses and research expenses along with travel may run $5,000 or more.
I never charge for a general written estimate.


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