lifecoach $1500 USD Seneca Williams Seneca Williams Is 2016 YOUR year to change! New Year, New Me? Did you fall off track..It's never too late!
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Seneca Williams

Licensed Counselor&Certified Coach 
Pembroke Pines, Florida, United States
Is 2016 YOUR year to change! New Year, New Me? Did you fall off track..It's never too late!

About me

I have several years of experience as a mental health counselor and decided to add professional coaching to my practice, as I have grown to love the benefits of coaching!!

Moving people from just getting by, to turning dreams and wishes, into achievable goals.

I understand, that there are life challenges and circumstance, in the way of getting things done. This is where my background in counseling comes in. I will help you identify your blocks to progress and provide you with your own personal toolkit to get the job done.

I have worked with nurses, teachers, actors, lawyers, doctors, accountants, etc. all on the journey of personal development. They have gotten new jobs, transitioned careers, improved relationships, gotten over breakups, managed stress, improved self-esteem and motivation. This could be you too!

First Step, Contact me to schedule your discovery session.
Second Step, Do the work!
Third Step, Celebrate your accomplishment!
It's that simple!


I provide face to face coaching in the community, where you experience real life! Coaching is practical, convenient and present focused this way. We will also communicate through phone sessions. We jump start your growth with your PERSONAL VISION STATEMENT!

Topics: Careers, Life Balance, Relationships, Motivation.
Duration: 8 Face to Face/ Phone Sessions
Objective: Shift in your mindset, your focus, create goals and achieve success.

Highly Recommended
For serious professionals that feel stuck, unsupported or feel lost and need to make a major change NOW! If you need individual personalized attention and you are ready to commit to your growth now, you need to do your self a favor and get this package.
I provide online coaching for the busy professional. I will help you stay focused and track your progress! This is great in addition to or as a follow-up to the private coaching, or group coaching. Online coaching is 100% online communication.

Topics: Careers, Life Balance, Relationships, Motivation
Duration: 6 Online Sessions
Objective: Stay focused and on the right track! Feel more confident and secure about your direction! Track your progress!

For professionals that have completed private coaching, need additional support during their 8-week private coaching or 4-week group coaching.
Short courses or group coaching
I provide online group coaching to assist clients struggling with major life transitions. I support you to create SMART GOALS and implement your PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT ACTION PLAN. Groups are a jump start to your personal development.

Topics: Personal identity, Relationship identity, Career identity.
Duration: 4 Online Group Sessions
Objective: Get a better sense of who you are! Improve your relationships! Focus in and hone your career goals!

For professionals that are busy and need direct and clear guidance for a short period of time to jump start their personal growth.

Fee description

Fees: from $100 USD to $1500 USD

All coaching is packaged for your benefit as it is more affordable and encourages real commitment to growth. There are packages for private coaching, online coaching and group coaching. There is coaching for every lifestyle and budget.


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