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Shani Asha

CMP, Certified Life & Career Coach 
Jamaica, New York, United States

I keep people On Point Like a Stiletto by coaching my clients about balance.

About me

Shani A. Faure, CMP is a journey coach whose mission is to enhance the lives of women by keeping them “On Point Like a Stiletto.”

After being approached for help by several single mothers experiencing frustration trying to balance living their dreams while providing for their families, Shani discovered her niche: helping career oriented women to become “goal diggers” and discover their unlimited potential with “Soultitude.” She is a certified life coach in Positive Psychology.

Shani has amassed years of experience as an advocate for diabetes and non-violence awareness, as well as an educational volunteer and community mentor. Utilizing her skills, Shani is dedicated to inspiring a diverse client roster ranging from savvy career professionals looking to improve personally and professionally to “mompreneurs” ready to create their “Runway to Success!”

With a razor sharp business acumen drawn from a background in hospitality, sales, marketing, public relations, writing, fashion and event production, Shani’s sessions have helped many. The personalized one-on-one meetings and quarterly boot camps are designed to provide clients the support they need to stop doubting their talent and invest in their dreams on a day-to-day basis by growing through what they go through.   more...

Coaching with me


I provide a "Runway to Success" for my clients to shine and be their authentic happy selves. I teach my clients the importance of "Soultitude" - syncing of the mind, body, and spirit so that they have the balance they need to achieve their dreams and goals.


I coach one on one over the phone or in a group setting. I tend to keep my in person groups and workshops intimate because they are usually working sessions. I make sure clients have a goal map. I will be stern and strong like a parent but I will not judge you and I will accept and help you as a true friend should. I believe in you and the success that is inside of you.


Please feel free to visit my shop to see the details of my offerings.


I do private coaching sessions and intensives. Coaching sessions start at 45 minute sessions and the minimum requirement is a 3 month committment.


Online webinars and specific topics are available

Short courses or group coaching

Workshops and group coaching is available. Sessions are usually 2 hours

Ongoing training

Ongoing training for aspiring coaches and entrepreneurs are available based on the client's needs.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • CMP - Certitfied Meeting Professional
  • Certified Life Coach
  • Certified Exectuive/Career Coach
  • Certified in Stress Management
  • Certified in Guided Meditation
  • Certified in Reiki I
  • CaPP Institute Training
  • CaPP Institute Executive Training

I am a serial entrepreneur with razor sharp business acumen drawn from a background in hospitality, sales, marketing, public relations, writing, fashion and event production. I am also a single mom who teaches people how to put themselves first and how to NOT spread themselves thin. I am also a person living with Type 1 diabetes and incorporates wellness and meditation into my coaching practice.

Fee description

Fees: from $300 USD to $500 USD

Fee structures vary from length of coaching and committment


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